NO MORE Dignity, and NO MORE Honour, in DAP

DAP is the only political party in Persekutuan Tanah Melayu peninsula using the term ‘democratic’ in its party name. For years their leaders have promoted their ‘self-rightiousness’ images, by claiming to be champions of democratic practices like freedom of speech, human rights, racial equality, transparency, accountability, anti-corruption, good governance, meritocracy and such likes.

However, their own revealation of their ‘technical mistakes’ in their recent election of their own Central Executive Committee(CEC) has invited further looks into what appears to be UNDEMOCRATIC PRACTICES which have become ‘flesh and blood’ of the party.

Even many  among seasoned political observers are not aware that DAP’s 1,800 delegates to their Annual Conventions, only voted to elect their 20 CEC members. They did not elect their Party Adviser, Party chairman, Secretary General, Treasurer etc. They only voted to elect 20 CEC members. Its the elected 20 CEC members who would decide among themselves as to who would be Party Adviser, Party Chairman, Secretary General, Treasurer etc.

Never came across my mind until very recently, that, Karpal Singh was never elected directly by the delegates. And never came across my mind until recently that Lim Guan Eng was never elected directly as DAP’s Secretary General by the 1,800 or so DAP delegates. Meaning, the appointment of DAP’s National Chairman in their latest party Convention was most likely at the mercy of TWO MOST POWERFUL FIGURES IN DAP, Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng. This would be the most likely reasons why Karpal Singh, a man who always took pride in matters of dignity and honour, simply played down the gravity of  the unprecedented ‘technical mistake’ which have put the whole DAP CEC election into question.

With such DUBIOUS election system practiced in the party, its not difficult to imagine how rampant will be the practice of ‘I scratch your back and you scratch my back’ among the 20 over CEC members. Whoever is the Secretary General, and Party Advicer,  would hold HUGE POWERS over the rest. Those who show their loyalty to the ‘bosses’ over the years would be promoted, while those who speak out against or even embarrass the ‘bosses’ would be slowly side-lined and ditched-out. The promise of being rewarded for loyalty, and threat of being ‘punished’ for disloyal acts, would lead to a few ‘gang-leaders’ to control over the  rest.

This would explain the METEORIC RISE of Lim Guan Eng at a very tender age up the party ladder of party leadership….when his father Lim Kit Siang was the General Secretary. And, in order to ‘look after’ Karpal Singh, he was ‘given room’ to bring his sons up the DAP political ladder too. This appears to be DAP’s understanding of the term ‘meritocracy’.

With the latest ‘election fiasco’, it looks like DAP is moving deeper and deeper into the ‘shithole’ of AUTOCRACY, and even DICTATORSHIP. Obviously, there’s no more DIGNITY, and no more HONOUR to be members of CEC of DAP.

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