Anwar Ibrahim Envisaging Toppling Elected Government By Street Demonstrations

As law-abiding citizens of the country, we were wondering….what the opposition parties seek to achieve by staging yesterday’s rally at Merdeka Stadium. The same organizers  staged ‘Bersih 1, 2 and 3’ demonstrations to demand for certain electoral reforms, which led to the setting up of  Parlimentary Select-Committe(PSC) on Electoral Reforms consisting of selected members of parliment from both side of political divide. Since then, the PSC have accepted most of demands by ‘Bersih’….and we thought, there would be no more EXCUSES for the opposition to bring CHAOTIC SCENES to streets of Kuala Lumpur.

Apparently, the opposition parties are never satisfied with their POLITICAL AGENDA without staging STREET DEMONSTRATIONS. Hence the staging of ‘Himpunan Kebangkitan Rakyat’ rally and street demonstrations yesterday….yes, the rally was at Merdeka Stadium, but tens of thousands of those attending the rally did marched through the streets of KL from various locations in the city, leading to Merdeka Stadium, forcing many major streets to be closed. By many accounts, the attendance at the rally was estimated around 50,000 people.

The question is, what the opposition parties seek to convey to rakyat Malaysia by gathering 50,000 people on a Saturday afternoon, in the presence of all their top leaders. They must have rightly estimated that the number of participants would not go beyond 50,000, otherwise they would have opted for bigger stadiums, like the Bukit Jalil Stadium, which can accomodate up to 100,000 on the terraces, and another 50,000 on the pitch. Did they intend to tell Malaysian voters that, by being able to mobilise 50,000 supporters onto the street of KL, the opposition are in good position to win the coming General Election? The way I see it, it did not look worth the efforts….

Apparently, Anwar Ibrahim, the de-facto leader of Pakatan Rakyat coalition, kept his SECRET AGENDA until the very end of the rally. When he took to the rostrum, among other things, he was reported to have issued this THREAT: …..”if you cheat in the election, the people will rise up to topple the Government”. What a THREAT!!!!… made in front of 50,000 highly-charged crowd at the rally. I believe there was minimal presence of policemen in the stadium, but I’m very sure, the Police Special Brach must have recorded all the proceedings.

Anwar Ibrahim may have issued THE THREAT using the ‘future’ term ‘IF”, like ‘if you cheat in the election…’. However, by issuing such THREAT, had he not intentionally attempted to create a PERCEPTION among the 50,000 highly-charged crowd that the Government have been cheating in General Election over the decades…which had returned the BN to power? Unless Anwar Ibrahim could prove that BN were returned to power by CHEATING in previous General Elections, I believe ANWAR IBRAHIM has committed a VERY SERIOUS OFFENCE, if not CRIME, under the SEDITIOUS ACT…I wonder whether such HORRENDOUS act would pass unnoticed by  our Home Ministry.

I believe Anwar Ibrahim did not issue such threat for nothing. I believe Anwar Ibrahim does harbour ‘EVIL INTENTIONS’ to topple a democratically elected Government by  STREET DEMONSTRATIONS in the coming General Election….as long as the BN is returned to power. Anwar Ibrahim had tried once to topple a democratically elected Government before September 16th 2008,  by a ‘semi-democratic’ means, by attempting to BRIBE at  least 30 BN members of parliments to cross over to his side. He failed miserably, when he FAILED to win-over even a single BN member of parliment. Instead, his political menouvres back-fired when  3 opposition State Assemblymen of Perak crossed over to the BN, which toppled the Pakatan Perak State Government. In the light of his FAILED-ATTEMPT before, its not impossible, in desperation, he would gamble for a broke this time.

The Government should not under-estimate the SERIOUSNESS and GRAVITY of Anwar’s THREAT. Let put out the fire while it is small, not when the fire has engulfed the whole house, the whole street , or the whole town. Anwar Ibrahim, or whoever, should not be allowed to harbour such EVEL INTENTIONS, which would land the country into CHAOS and DESTRUCTIONS. Anwar Ibrahim is not above the law. His issuance of such a threat to the Government is indeed SEDITIOUS….and without STERN ACTION by the Government of the day, he will use ‘allegation of cheatings’ as an EXCUSE to start ‘Arab Spring’ -like street demonstrations to annul free and fair elections.

Hello Mr Home Minister….are you there?

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