HAMAS Caught the HEARTS of Malays/Muslims in Malaysia

Whilst Muslims in Malaysia were busy preparing for yesterday’s celebrations to commemorate the auspicious  birth-date of our beloved Prophet Muhammad s.a.w., the Final Messenger of Allah, our beloved Prime Minister DS Najib gave us a pleasant surprise by appearing in the war-ravaged Gaza Strip accompanied by the HAMAS Palestinian Prime Minister, Ismail Haniyeh.

Many Muslims shed tears, in both pride and joy, witnessing  our PM moving around SIGHTS OF UTTER DESTRUCTIONS caused by the Israeli bombings in the recent skirmishes between the HAMAS-led Palestinian resistance, and the Israeli air-force. We were also MOVED  by the sights of our PM shaking hands with ordinary Palestinians along the streets of Gaza City, even holding the young son of the martyred commander of HAMAS military wing.  Apart from the CHILDISH COMMENTS by the  Ketua Pemuda PAS, the Muslims in Malaysia by and large were much ‘elevated’ by the bold move by our PM. Our PM seems to understand our wishes that we would like to convey our WHOLE-HEARTED support for the Palestinians in defending their rights.

Not many will disagree that HAMAS-led Palestinian resistance in Gaza has caught our imagination, and caught our hearts too. In the past, we only witnessed Palestinian youths throwing stones at Israeli soldiers. But, in the latest ‘mini-war’ between HAMAS and the Israelis, the whole world witnessed for the first time HAMAS’s capability to cause fear in the hearts of the Israelis when their rockets and missiles managed to penetrate Israeli’s DOME DEFENSES to reach the outskirt of Tel Eviv, the Israeli capital city.

There is so much we can learn from HAMAS. Not all territorial subjugation and colonisation can be settled by peaceful means. In the case of the Israelis, they have subjugated and enslaved the Palestinians for far too long. Before the birth of HAMAS, Palestinians appeared to be HELPLESS compared to the mights of Israelis military and air-force. However,  now, the RESOLUTENESS of the HAMAS-led Palestinians and certain improvement in their war machines, can more than match the USA-supplied war-machines and the ARROGANCE of the  Israelis.

There might be times when Malays/Muslims in Malaysia may have to adopt HAMAS-styled ‘methodologies’ to protect their TRADITIONAL RIGHTS in their ANCESTORAL LANDS, when other means fail.

Congratulation to DS Najib!! Congratulation to HAMAS!! Congratulations to brave people of Palestine!!

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