Minimum 30-day Stay Within 5 Years, for Overseas Voters, a Reasonable ‘loyalty’ Requirement

According to Election Commission(EC) Chairman, Datuk Wan Ahmad, the EC has set a condition requiring overseas voters  ‘a minimum 30-day residency in Malaysia within last 5 years’ to qualify to vote in the coming General Election, a requirement which has been adopted by many Commonwealth countries, including Canada and Australia.

However, as reported by the NST today, a DAP member of parliment has urged the EC to review such requirement. I believe, the stand of DAP would not be much different from that of the party’s MP over such an issue.

DAP must have some strong reasons to oppose such requirements. They must have kept track on thousands, if not tens of thousands, of their members and supporters, who had left the country over the years to find ‘greener pastures’ overseas….with thousands perhaps have qualified to be permanent residents(PR) in countries like Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan and Hong Kong…and thousands of them never bothered to come back to Malaysia.

Based on ‘exchanges’ among Malaysian ‘overseas Chinese’ in certain pro-opposition blogs which I’ve had opportunities to monitor, and even ‘exchanged swords’ with, I have a good reason to believe that there will be ORGANISED EFFORTS to bring back the Malaysian ‘overseas Chinese’ voters to the country, just to vote in the coming General Election…..or to make them vote at Malaysian embassies overseas as POSTAL VOTERS.

The question is, would it be fair to bring back thousands who have left the country for over 5 years, or even have left the country ‘for good’ just for the purpose of voting….what more, they are now given the chance to vote as postal voters in countries where they are residents.

I personally of the opinion that the ’30-day minimum stay requirement’ is VERY SENSIBLE and VERY REASONABLE. We can use this as a ‘litmus test of loyalty’ of a citizen of a country towards his/her MOTHERLAND….in the same way me make up opinion about the attitude of working sons/daughters towards their elderly fathers/mothers…..our society tend to regard those working sons/daughters who fail to visit their fathers/mothers for over 5 years as IRRESPONSIBLE and UNGRATEFUL sons/daughters.

It is only reasonable that only those who really care about the well-being of the country be allowed to determine the DESTINY of our country. Those who are CITIZENS ON PAPER, but do not have the love and loyalty towards the country, should not be allowed to ‘kacau dawn’ or to ‘meddle’ in the affairs of this country….in the same way many NGOs suspending certain benefits to their  members who fail to pay their subscription fees for certain period of time….this may not be the best of comparisons….

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