Malaysian Chinese Youths….Fortunately You Are In Malaysia

We are in solidarity because we care

More than 100,000 people had thronged a single rally and there was no untoward incident then. However, 30 turn up at a candlelight vigil to show solidarity for a young and courageous Malaysian, and it turned chaotic.

So, when someone claims that we go to the streets “to foment chaos”, he hasn’t a clue or he is plain lying through his teeth. I would say that this person had ill intents….. –  Malaysiakini

The above is part of a letter from a typical Chinese young people, which was sent to Malaysiakini. The question is, do she and her comrades REALLY CARE for the country?

Let me first remind them that, in the ‘great country’ of their forefathers, they would not even have a chance to take part in a DEMOCRATIC PROCESS like the PRU13 which was just over, let alone PROTESTING OVER THE ELECTION RESULT.

Even in ‘democratic’  Chinese-ruled Singapore, where 85% of the population are Chinese, she and her comrades would NOT be allowed more than a few minutes in such gatherings without being arrested.

Why MAKE SO MUCH NOISE about this country, when Chinese-dominated governments like People’s Republic of China and the Republic of Singapore, do not even allow GATHERINGS, let alone PROVOCATIVE GATHERINGS. Yes your gatherings have been PROVOCATIVE to say the least….protesting the results of the PRU13, despite DAP-led Penang, PAS-led Kelantan and PKR-led Selangor governments taking their oath of office.

Popular votes???? can you say it again!!! BN came out the MOST POPULAR and with MOST SEATS….followed by PKR, DAP and PAS. Please do not try to change the RULES OF THE GAME while the game is going on. Pakatan Rakyat is NOT a single party, UNLIKE the BN. DAP, PKR and PAS contested the election using their own seperate LOGOs….so there is no way for you to talk about popular votes. After all, the existing ‘rule of the game’ is by the NUMBER OF SEATS….ada faham????

Do you think the Chinese can rule the country better? No No No!!! Give us the prove that Chinese-dominated Governments would do better….apart from RULING WITH IRON FISTS….like in Singapore and China.

Are you inciting Malays-dominated Government of Malaysia to rule with IRON FISTS too? Is that the only way to keep Chinese youths off the streets??

I believe your time and energy will be better spent on influencing REFORMS and CHANGE(UBAH) in the countries of your forefathers first, before ‘meddling’ in  Malaysia. If you are not aware of it, let me tell you that Malaysia has long been regarded as  one of the HEALTHIEST democracies in the world.

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