STAR and ASLI, If You Really Hate AFFIRMATIVE ACTIONS, Just Say It Loud!!

The Star in yesterday’s edition carried a news item, which was not picked up by other mainstream papers, reporting a discussion called ‘Star’s Cafe Latte Chat’ on the topic ‘Should Affirmative Action Go?’.

As reported, the panelists in the discussion were: 1. Dr Muhammad Abdul Khalid, United Nations Development Programme Malaysia Human Development Report national consultant. 2. Syed Akbar Ali, a blogger. 3. Tan Sri Michael Yeoh, CEO ASLI. 4. Prof Dr Edmund Terrence Gomes, University of Malaya. Moderator: Shaila Koshy, the Star’s assistant news editor.

I’m not really interested how the panelists answered the questions, but more interested in the ‘phrasing’ of the questions put forward by some one who represented the organiser, the Star. Let me list down the questions asked:
1. Has affirmative action managed to reduce communal tensions? In reducing poverty, has it instead created intra-ethnic poverty?
2. Do you think the deviations came from the civil service or were they taking a cue from politicians?
3. No one in Malaysia has objected to the NEP. We do not want to see any segment in society poorer than the rest. But has it been abused?
4. Hasn’t this been raised to the Government before?
5. Would you agree it is not just money? Because some people in positions decide to interpret goals in a particular way. Things were mismanaged and that’s why people were leaving.
6. Do we have any opportunities to put inclusiveness in the NEM?
7. How do we move forward?

If we really scrutinise the questions, they are NO QUESTIONS at all. They are infact STATEMENTS posed as QUESTIONS, which tell us a lot about the POLITICAL STANDPOINTS of those who prepared the QUESTIONS….even the BAD INTENTIONS and GRUDGES hiding behind the QUESTIONS.

I must say that for those who have read comments by the panelists, two of the panelists were supportive of Government policies including the NEP, but the other two were definitely out with certain agenda to create certain GRUDGES against the majority Malays/Bumiputra.

Regardless of their comments which fellow bloggers can read up in Staronline, let me put forth to all that there were NO SINGLE PHRASE of the term ‘Affirmative Actions’ in our Federal Constitution. And that, such ‘Affirmative Actions’ were NOT meant to favour Malays/Bumiputras because they are the MAJORITY.

Let me put forth here that policies like the NEP were only one of the mechanisms and instruments to put into effect the provisions of Article 153 of the Federal Constitution. Please do not forget that, the Article 153 of the Federal Constitution was one of ‘Constitutional Embodiments’ of the SOCIAL CONTRACT agreed upon by major races in the country a few years prior to the Independence of Persekutuan Tanah Melayu from the British.

Under the SOCIAL CONTRACT, the Malays under the leadership of UMNO and the Raja-Raja Melayu CONSENTED to the granting of CITIZENSHIP OF PERSEKUTUAN TANAH MELAYU to about 1.2 million CHINESE IMMIGRANTS and 0.3 million INDIAN IMMIGRANTS in early 1950s, in return for recognition by the CHINESE AND INDIAN IMMIGRANTS that the Malays were the original rulers and inhabitants of Tanah Melayu states, before the coming of the British colonisers and the IMMIGRANT RACES..thus the MALAYS/BUMIPUTRAS accorded the ‘SPECIAL POSITION’ in this country.

To the STAR and ASLI, SOCIAL CONTRACT was an Agreement which was CASTED in our Federal Constitution, to be HONOURED by all races, and their descendents, AS LONG AS THERE ARE MOON AND SKIES. As such, my suggestions to the STAR and ASLI, for those who are bent to DISHONOUR the Social Contract, do not continue to MESS UP this ‘country of the Malays’, ‘Malaysia’. In any contract, if you DEFAULT your part of the contract, you will LOSE you rights and privilages under the Contract.

If those in the STAR and ASLI are too dumped to understand the SOCIAL CONTRACT, let me put it in simpler term. Those who are so keen to do away with the SPECIAL POSITION OF MALAYS/BUMIPUTRAS as provided for in the Federal Constitution, their choice, and only choice, is to SURRENDER THEIR MALAYSIAN CITIZENSHIP, and fly back, or sail back, to respective MOTHERLANDS OF THEIR FOREFATHERS.

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