Merging Indian-based Parties May Lead To GREATER DISUNITY

Its interesting HOW DS Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor, the Secretary General of the BN, or the leadership of BN(if DS Tengku Adnan’s suggestions represented the BN leadership’s view on the matter) came out with the idea that by MERGING all the Indian-based parties supportive of the BN, would lead to greater unity among the Indians, and will attract more support towards the BN.

In principle, no one would disagree with such ‘great idea’. It would be great if eventually, all Indians supportive of the BN be united under one party or symbol…..after all, their only interest is the well-being and progress of the Indian community, besides the well-being and progress of the country.

However, before DS Tengku Adnan dished out such a ‘great idea’, it would be good if DS Tengku Adnan, and UMNO, take a very serious initiative to bring back PAS into the fold of the BN again….after all, PAS was one of the founders of the BN….and both UMNO and PAS are looking after the interests of the Malays and Islam.

I’m suggesting just to bring back PAS into the fold of the BN, without suggesting any kind of merger with UMNO. If DS Tengku Adnan can be instrumental in bringing back PAS to the fold of the BN, I would consider him as ONE OF THE GREATEST Secretary Generals of UMNO. Had he achieved such co-operation between UMNO and PAS, all the Indian-based partied would start working together without such ‘great idea’ being voiced out by him.

Or, why not DS Tengku Adnan work out how to MERGE the so many Sabah-based BN component parties?

Actually, I truly believe that its ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE to merge political parties into SINGLE POLITICAL PARTY. Its much easier to form political collusion or partnership, like the BN. Imagine that all the parties in the BN merge into a single BN Party, will that necessarily make BN much stronger and attractive.

Just look at the three political parties colluding loosely to form the yet-to-be-registered PAKATAN RAKYAT. They’ve proven that they could work together as a LOOSE COLLUSION, but most will doubt whether they would be as effective if DAP, PKR and PAS merge into a SINGLE PARTY.

Thus, the argument for maintaining the BN as a multi-parties COLLUSION called the BN, holds true for maintaining the Indian-based parties supportive of the BN under seperate invidual political parties. Its much more promising to bring the Indian-based parties into some kind of loose collusion, with certain degree of co-ordination among their leaders.

MERGER may work well among business entities like banks etc, but we have not got good examples of mergers of political parties……As it stands, mergers among political parties may lead to endless INTERNAL DISPUTES and POWER STRUGGLES….and GREATER DISUNITY.

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