Is PAS Really Serious About Implementing HUDUD?

When PAS was a ‘lone-ranger’ party, their STATED OBJECTIVES were to establish their vision of ISLAMIC STATE, the core to it seemed to be the implementation of HUDUD LAWS, understood as a set of Islamic criminal laws relating to a number of offences including THELF/ROBBERY, ADULTERY/SEX OUTSIDE MARRIAGE, DRINKING ALCOHOLIC DRINKS, TREASON AGAINST RULERS etc.

By establishing themselves as the ‘mujahid’ or fighters for the establishment of Islamic State and implementation of Hudud, PAS managed to convince significant number of Muslims that PAS were the true fighters for Islam…and that UMNO were against Islam.

However, doubts were cast about the real intentions of PAS when the party decided to work alongside DAP, a party known to be AGAINST the establishment of Islamic State. In fact DAP has long been the forebearers of SECULARISM, ie seperation between religion and the state matters.

This bring into light the question whether ISLAMIC STATES and HUDUD were only INSTRUMENTS for PAS to garner support from the Malay/Muslim voters.

Had the ISLAMIC STATE and HUDUD been the actual vision and objectives of PAS, the party WOULD NOT and SHOULD NOT work with DAP at the first place…come what may.

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