HUDUD – Is MCA Working Against UMNO, From Within the BN?

Significant number of Malays/Muslims have held certain perception that there is NO DIFFERENCE between MCA and DAP, except that MCA is working within the BN, and DAP working outside the BN.

This will no longer be mere perception when we look into HOW SERIOUS is MCA in opposing the proposed implementation of HUDUD LAWS in Kelantan, despite UMNO’s ‘approval in principle’ on the matter.

Considering the fact that any form of HUDUD LAWS are only applicable to the Muslims, we really wonder WHY both MCA and DAP are so against it. However, from certain statements by leaders of both MCA and DAP, their ‘fear’ of HUDUD LAWS seems to be from the view that Malaysia SHOULD NOT BE an Islamic State.

Whilst they know very well that Malaysia HAS ALWAYS BEEN an Islamic State…and there have been parallel judicial systems in the country from day one…ie The Civil judiciary and the Syariah(Islamic) judiciary systems.

MCA and DAP leaders just to stand back and look at other ISLAMIC INSTITUTIONS running parallel with other modern systems, be it in the banking sector, investment sector, education sector, health sector and tourism sector, to name a few.

We can understand their fear and enxiety if the HUDUD LAWS were imposed on the non-Muslims, in particular the Chinese too. But this is not the case. The way thinks stand, any HUDUD LAWS would only be applicable to the Muslims.

MCA in particular must understand that the strength of UMNO depends on the support of Malays/Muslims. But for so long, PAS has managed to take away substantial portion of the Malays/Muslims support by ‘playing and re-playing’ the issue of HUDUD LAWS…claiming that UMNO were anti-Islam and anti-Hudud.

So, YB Lim Kit Siang, YB Lim Guan Eng, YB Yeow Teong Lai and YB Wee Kaa Siong….WHY SO SCARED OF HUDUD???

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