MCA Claims HUDUD Against The Constitution?

Yesterday, DS Najib made a very clear and firm statements about HUDUD. Among other things, he stated that the Government NEVER REJECT HUDUD. He also stated that there was a vast difference between rejecting the laws and not implementing the laws due to certain constraints. And he did not in any way stated or implied that implementation of HUDUD is against our Federal Constitution.

Surprisingly, as reported in the STAR newspaper today, immediately after DS Najib’s statement, MCA President DS Liow Tiong Lai(LTL) said the party’s stand was to uphold the Federal Constitution for a progressive multi-ethnic and religious Malaysian society….and this was the vision of the nation’s forefathers for harmony.

However, what’s the actual meaning of DS LTL’s statement in the light of him and MCA openly campaigning for the REJECTION of the proposed implementation of HUDUD in Kelantan? Is he implying and even claiming that any implementation of HUDUD is against the Federal Constitution…against the vision of the nation’s forefathers….and detrimental to the country.

DS LTL, please do not just open your mouth and talk BULL-SHIT. The rakyat expect more explanations, elaborations, delaborations and justifications from you. In what way implementation of HUDUD will violate our Federal Constitution…in what way it is against the vision of our nation’s forefathers….in what way it would be detrimental to our multi-ethnic society?

For all that we know, HUDUD will only be applicable to the Muslims. NOT TO THE NON-MUSLIMS.

The Muslims can understand your anguish and anxiety IF the HUDUD laws were applicable to the non-Muslims too. BUT, let me say it again, HUDUD is NOT APPLICABLE TO THE NON-MUSLIMS.

Then what’s the FUSS are about?

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