DAP Not Eligible To Take Part in Malaysian Elections

Today, DAP named third son of late Karpal Singh, Ramkarpal Singh, as the party’s candidate for the coming Bye-election(PRK) Gelugor.

By the time of this coming PRK, DAP has been involved in Malaysian General Elections(PRU) and PRK for over 45 years.

Have we ever thought that DAP managed to compete in PRU and PRK all these years purely due the an ACT OF NEGLIGENCE of the Registrar of Societies Malaysia(ROS), or Pendaftar Pertubuhan Malaysia?

For those who have read the Societies Act 1966, or the Akta Pertubuhan 1966, it is VERY CLEAR that only societies whose activities are consistent with Federal Constitution be allowed to be registered as a REGISTERED SOCIETIES, and be allowed to take part in the country’s PRU and PRK.

This bring us to the question, HAVE the aspirations, objectives and activities of DAP been consistent with our Federal Constitution.

Lets focus on ‘Malaysian Malaysia’ objective of DAP, which has been central to the political ambitions of the party. The objective ‘Malaysian Malaysia’ is meant to remove any form of preferential treatment based on race, and ultimately to remove any ‘racial-based’ identifications among citizens of the country.

The paradox is, its also DAP who are at the very forefront of upholding the Chinese-medium Schools in the country, as an alternative to the main-stream National Schools.

Its worth noting that this ‘Malaysian Malaysia’ concept was first promoted by the Singapore-based PAP party, under Lee Kuan Yew, when Singapore was part of Malaysia. It was the adverse effect of this ‘ideology’ to racial harmony in the country which had forced the Malaysian Government to expel Singapore out of the Federation in 1965.

Based on this ‘Malaysian Malaysia’ alone, DAP can be judged as not being consistent with our Federal Constitution, which had been formulated based on elements of SOCIAL CONTRACT among the major races in the country in the run up to the country’s independence in 1957.

Not surprising, DAP leaders have consistently been SEDITIOUS in their statements with regards to Malays/Bumiputra-related matters, be it about the Malay kings, the Special Position of the Malays, the Dasar Ekonomi Baru and such like, quota systems etc.

I have written on this subject for quite some time. The problem is, certain people in the ROS must have either been MAKAN GAJI BUTA or NOT KNOWING whats their role in ROS. ROS was set up to regulate the conducts of registered societies in the country, including DEREGISTERING those whose existence are detrimental to the well-being of the country.

DAP is definately one of such societies.

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