Dyana Sofya – DAP So Short of Beautiful Activists?

For those who had opportunity to attend UMNO General Assemblies in PWTC, they would not miss coming across or walking pass hundreds, even thousands, of beautiful young and not so young ladies, clad in either red or purple ‘baju kurung’, with matching ‘tudung’ of varying designs. No mistake that they are Wanita UMNO and Puteri UMNO delegates respectively.

In contrast, we will not find such scenario in DAP gatherings or general assemblies. Not many would dispute that, generally, its quite a task to look for DAP female activists who can be classified under ‘beautiful’ catagory. I’m not being prejudiced or speculative, its just a simple fact.

Not surprising that when an INNOCENTLY CONFUSED UiTM law-graduate Malay girl by the name of DYANA SOFYA caught the eyes of DAP Advisor, Lim Kit Siang, she was picked up to be his ‘political secretary’…beg you pardon….political secretary? Political Secretary to perhaps THE OLDEST Member of Parliment in the country?

Lim Kit Siang in a way is guilty of UNDERMINING the respect normally attached to the post of a POLITICAL SECRETARY. Political Secretaries are normally appointed from among party members and activists with vast political experience. It definitely stands on much higher ground than a PA or Personal Assistant in business offices.

What are the ‘merits’ of Dyana Sofya that ATTRACTED THE IMAGINATION of Lim Kit Siang so profoundly, despite his well-known ‘preachings’ for MERITOCRACY, that within less than a year of being appointed as his ‘political secretary'(to be read Private Secretary), Lim Kit Siang has decided to make her the DAP candidate for Teluk Intan! Is it because Dyana Sofya’s mother is an UMNO member? Is it because Dyana Sofya is a Malay lawyer…and UiTM-trained too?
Or is it more to do with her relatively attractive look…compared to most other young DAP activists…

What surprises me more lately is the MORE YOUTHFUL-looking Lim Kit Siang, accompanying Dyana Sofya, making the rounds in Teluk Intan.

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2 Comments on “Dyana Sofya – DAP So Short of Beautiful Activists?”

  1. mae1000 Says:

    may be kit siang, after learns islam from mat sabu, will convert to islam and marry dyana. dyana failed when courting young man, may be old man suits.

    • warisan tmk Says:

      You must be joking… Anyway, for now, not many people are really aware of her private life and ‘secrets’. However, once she becomes ‘public’ figure, whatever previously ‘private’ will become public. One thing for sure. Lim Kit Siang have taken a HUGE GAMBLE to field her up as candidate.

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