Will Snap-Election Allow UMNO/BN To Re-capture Selangor?

Before I go straight to the point, let me comment a bit on the ‘prize money’ of rm10,000.00 offered by UMNO Deputy President, TS Muhyiddin Yassin, for the would-be winner of ‘WOW FACTOR IN UMNO’.

Frankly, personally, I was a bit ‘ticklish’ with such a ‘generous’ offer of rm10,000.00….during an age when the winner of MAHARAJA LAWAK are accorded rm500,000.00 prize money…with the runner-up and third winners accorded rm300,000.00 and rm150,000.00 respectively.

I’m an ardent UMNO/BN supporter, but not an INSIDER. As such, I do not know whether the rm10,000.00 prize money to look for UMNO ‘WOW FACTOR’ was a personal offer by TS Muhyiddin, or his offer represented the UMNO MKT.

Despite the ‘generous’ prize money for the ‘Wow Factor’, let me try my luck….who knows this idea of mine can be considered as potential winner…..here how it goes:

Its surprising that it looks like BUSINESS AS USUAL for UMNO, despite all the ‘upheavals’ taking place in Selangor. Had such ‘upheavals’ taken place while Selangor is under the BN, and Pakatan in opposition, I’m very certain that Anwar Ibrahim and his strategists would have snapped such opportunity to ‘fire’ the rakyat to CHANGE GOVERMENT.

We can still remember very well, how Anwar Ibrahim snatched a last minute ‘gift’ in the form of HINDRAF ‘uprising’ in the run up to the 2008 General Election. Before the HINDRAF ‘uprising’, the Pakatan seemed to have no issue at all to shake the UMNO/BN. But its part of history how Pakatan took advantage of the ‘HINDRAF FACTOR’ to give the UMNO/BN a ‘bloody nose’.

What exactly is my point now?

Let me bring all back to the current crisis in Selangor. For the first time since 2008, the voters in Selangor are being made aware of the ‘skeletons under the carpet’ of Pakatan, notably the PKR. The grossly ‘inhumane’ way Khalid Ibrahim, the PKR MB of Selangor, is being hussled out of office is taking place against a background of PKR party election which were run by ‘law of the jungle’.

As a result, the fence sitter voters, estimated to be up to 30% of the voters, are proned to go against the Pakatan should a snap election being called in Selangor today. But is the UMNO/BN in Selangor taking full advantage of the present political turmoil in Selangor for BN political gains?

If TS Muhyiddin Yassin is looking for a ‘Wow factor’ in UMNO, I’m sure, this can be considered as THE ONE!!

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