UMNO/BN Can Win Back Selangor Should State Election Is Held Today

In what way UMNO can win back Selangor for BN?

There are 56 state seats for grab in Selangor. In PRU13, UMNO won 12 seats for BN, all in state constituancies where the Malays made up over 60% of the voters.

There are over 30 seats with Malays make up up to 55% of the voters. In PRU13, apart from the 12 seats won by UMNO, the other seats with Malays voters making up 55%-and above were won by Malay candidates representing PAS and PKR.

Should Khalid Ibrahim succeed in convincing the Selangor Sultan to dissolve Selangor State Assembly, and call for snap State Election, the 30 seats with Malay voters over 55% will be the ‘front line’ seats.

The ‘battle ground’ advantage is in UMNO’s favour. Most of the ‘fence sitter’ voters making up an estimated 30% of total voters will most likely reject the Pakatan candidates this time round.

Besides that, Malays voters who supported PAS and PKR in the last two PRU are now split in the middle.

And, with the support of over 60% of Indian voters, its very likely that UMNO will also win 3-5 seats where the Malay voters make up 45-55% of the voters.

If I were the President of UMNO, Chairman of BN, and PM of Malaysia, I would be LOOKING FORWARD for this upcoming Selangor State Election.

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