52 % Popular Vote – Pakatan’s Political Masturbation

PKR, DAP and PAS are parties of conflicting ideologies. DAP upholds secularism. PAS upholds Islam. Secularism and Islam will never never never meet. This fact explains why until now, PKR, DAP and PAS have been contesting elections their separate flags and banners…instead of a single ‘pakatan’ flag. Infact ‘pakatan’ has not been registered officially as party name.

DAP contested in overwhelmingly Chinese-majority constituencies, preaching secularism. PAS contested in Malay-majority constituencies, preaching Islam. Meaning, they preached different message for different audience. Would the Chinese support DAP had their leaders preached Islam? and..would certain section of Malays support PAS had their leaders preached secularism? The answers are NO.

Before Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng talk about popular vote, its mandatory that they officially register the name ‘Pakatan Rakyat’, have a common party constitution and have a single ‘pakatan’ flag. Before they sort these matters out, any claim of winning popular votes is nothing but self-pleasing ‘political masturbation’.

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