Hudud – PAS Real Friends and Real Enemies

By today, if not much earlier, PAS should know who are their REAL FRIENDS and their REAL ENEMIES in Malaysia politics.

Parti Islam Se-Malaysia(PAS) was formed as a political party with initial objectives of setting up an Islamic State in Malaysia, including implementing the Islamic criminal laws better known as HUDUD.

PAS has baffled the Malays/Muslims, the majority of whom voted  UMNO in general elections, by opting to work with PKR and DAP…with the common short-term objective to topple UMNO/BN from power. But on top of that, PAS still need to prove to their grass-root supporters that the party will implement the Islamic State, including HUDUD, once they are in power, together with PKR and DAP.

The irony is, both PKR and DAP have managed to ‘dupe’ PAS, to exclude Islamic State and HUDUD from their ‘common policy framework’. Meaning, all this while, PKR and DAP supporters voted for PAS in 12th and 13th general elections on the basis that PAS had ‘cold-freezed’ their Islamic State and HUDUD ambitions.

However, after what has been happening in Kelantan State Assembly in the past few days, PAS should be able to see ‘much clearer’ who are their REAL FRIENDS and REAL ENEMIES in politics.

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