After Hudud – DAP Would Not Dare

Why DAP are so against Hudud? Is it because they are worried that their children’s hands will be chopped off? Are they worried that their young sons and daughters will be flogged or stoned to death?

After all, Hudud is enforcable on Muslims only. Why then so much noises, interference…and even threats of all sorts from DAP.

The answer is simple. Hudud, the Islamic criminal laws, are the ‘icing on the cake’ for an Islamic state. Even before the introduction of hudud into our legal system, Malaysia has long been recognized as an ISLAMIC STATE. Yet DAP have been trying hard to put a stand that Malaysia IS NOT.

DAP know very well that PAS has for decades been engaging UMNO in ‘political warfare’…and kept on being the underdog. DAP seize the opportunity by working with PAS….to ‘divide and rule’ the Malays. While fighting UMNO by ‘using’ PAS, DAP quietly seek to detach PAS away from their original struggle to establish Islamic state in Malaysia.

At the end of the day, DAP fail to subjugate PAS. DAP’s designs on PAS backfired badly. However, DAP seem to be impotant in their trying to subjugate PAS.

Is DAP dare enough to leave Pakatan? we all we see monday next week. I do not think DAP will dare.

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