DS Najib Statement On Hudud – Have Malays Been Consulted

DS Najib reportedly would be making a statement on HUDUD by tomorrow….after meeting leaders of BN component parties last thursday.

As a Malay/Muslim and ardent UMNO supporter, it came across my mind the question whether DS Najib had gauged the ‘hearts and mind’ of grass-root UMNO members and Malay voters…who are the ‘life line’ of UMNO’s political dominance and power.

As an UMNO supporter who is ‘closer to the grass-root’ among ordinary party members and voters, I truly believe that overwhelming majority of Malays/Muslims are supportive of HUDUD…and in fact believe that it is their religious duty to support implementation of HUDUD…although large section also believe that the ‘technicalities’ of HUDUD need to be looked into more carefully, so that the laws truly reflect the letter and spirit of the Quranic teachings.

DS Najib has caused shocks and disappointments among the voters of UMNO/BN for his ‘personal decisions’ like abolishing the ISA and certain Emergency Ordinances. And when DS Najib made another ‘personal decision’ to repeal the Sedition Act, he was overwhelmingly opposed not only by the Malays at large…but by his own party.

I really pray to Allah swt…so that DS Najib will not make similar BLUNDERS tomorrow…when he makes statement on HUDUD.

AS long as DS Najib continue to listen to the ‘heart beats’ of those who voted for UMNO/BN, no one would be able to touch him…or undermine the position of the Malays and Islam.

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