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Vote for PKR In Permatang Pauh Means Vote for Sodomy

May 5, 2015

Over 70,000 voters in Permatang Pauh will be voting on 7th May, to elect a new MP for the PKR stronghold constituency.

The bye-election was subsequent to its former member of parliment, DS Anwar Ibrahim, lost his right as a member of parliment, after being sentenced to 5-year imprisonment for SODOMY.

Sodomy is a criminal offence in our laws. And in Islam, to be homosexual, let alone sodomy, is a very serious offence, and the offender will be labelled as morally unfit to be a leader.

By right, Permatang Pauh voters should teach PKR a lesson, not to project a homosexual as their candidate for member of parliment. To show their dislike of homosexual behaviour, and worse still sodomy, they should not vote for Dr Wan Azizah, the wife of DS Anwar Ibrahim.

Its not excessive to say that, a vote for Wan Azizah is a vote for homosexuality and sodomy.


MYTH of PR Winning 52% Popular Vote in PRU13 May 5th 2014

May 4, 2015

There’s not much for opposition PR parties(PKR, DAP and PAS) to cheer about…especially of late…when they are on the verge of a MAJOR break up. Most political observers and analysts have long predicted this. The question was only WHEN?

Under such depressing state of affairs, its not surprising that leaders of PKR and DAP are ‘re-playing’ their claims of ‘victory’ in PRU13…for getting 52% of popular vote.

Was it true…or just a self-pleasing ‘illegitimate'(to be read ‘fucking’) MYTH.

Why such claims are MYTH(in Malay, DONGENG)?

First and foremost, the three PR parties did not contest under a COMMON MANIFESTO, and not even under a COMMON BANNER.

PAS contested mainly in constituencies with over 70% Malay voters…preaching their struggle to establish ISLAMIC STATE in Malaysia, including the implementation of syariah-based criminal laws HUDUD. Out of the nearly 100 seats with Malay voters making up over 70% of the electorate, where PAS squared off one-to-one with UMNO, PAS managed to win 20% of such seats.

DAP contested mainly in constituencies with over 60% Chinese voters, and campaigned on issues which can be grouped as ‘anti-Malay/Bumiputra’, ‘anti-Hudud’, and such like. The result…DAP won over 90% of such seats.

PKR contested the most number of parlimentary seats, mainly in constituencies with mixed voters, somethings like 40% Malays, 40% Chinese and 20% Indians. PKR touched on mainly different sets of issues.

Indeed the three opposition parties may have got 52% votes in total…but whats the significance of that when the parties campaigned on 3 different set of issues, to suit their 3 different mix of voters.

The question is, had the three parties contested using COMMON MANIFESTO(which may have Hudud in it) and COMMON FLAG/BANNER, would they achieve the same 52% votes? The answer is a CLEAR NO. In fact they would never agree on a COMMON MANIFESTO and FLAG/BANNER.

To have any legitimacy in their popular vote claims, PR parties should first organize themselves to come out with a COMMON MANIFESTO which is distributed throughout the country…in all constituencies. And using a COMMON FLAG/BANNER.

Unless and until the PR parties can achieve that, whatever their claims about popular votes will remain a MYTH….only good for PR leaders to perform ‘political masturbation’ upon themselves.

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