Vote for PKR In Permatang Pauh Means Vote for Sodomy

Over 70,000 voters in Permatang Pauh will be voting on 7th May, to elect a new MP for the PKR stronghold constituency.

The bye-election was subsequent to its former member of parliment, DS Anwar Ibrahim, lost his right as a member of parliment, after being sentenced to 5-year imprisonment for SODOMY.

Sodomy is a criminal offence in our laws. And in Islam, to be homosexual, let alone sodomy, is a very serious offence, and the offender will be labelled as morally unfit to be a leader.

By right, Permatang Pauh voters should teach PKR a lesson, not to project a homosexual as their candidate for member of parliment. To show their dislike of homosexual behaviour, and worse still sodomy, they should not vote for Dr Wan Azizah, the wife of DS Anwar Ibrahim.

Its not excessive to say that, a vote for Wan Azizah is a vote for homosexuality and sodomy.

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