PAS – Welcome Back To The Right Path

PAS stands for Parti Islam Se-Malaysia. It was founded by ‘ulama group’ within UMNO, whose leader, late Hj Mohd Fuad, was a close political ally of late Datuk Onn Jaafar, the founder of UMNO. When late Datuk Onn Jaafar was no longer accepted as leader of UMNO, he formed a new party, Independence Malaya Party(IMP). Late Hj Mohd Fuad decided to join late Datuk Onn Jaafar, and ‘hijacked’ the ‘ulama group’ of UMNO, to form Persatuan Islam Se-Malaya(PAS), which was later on changed to Parti Islam Se-Malaya(PAS).

Not surprising that, in both letter and spirit, early PAS was very much like UMNO. Early PAS fought for the Malays and Islam, besides seeking independence of Persekutuan Tanah Melayu from the British. Infact, early PAS was very Malay-centred, so much so, PAS then did not accept any ‘tahalluf siasiyy’ with non-Malay parties. PAS then labelled UMNO as ‘kafir’ or ‘infidel’ for working together with MCA and MIC.

However, in the aftermath of racial riot  13th May Tragedy’ in 1969, PAS decided to form ‘Kerajaan Campuran’ with UMNO, and then became joint founders of Barisan Nasional(BN).

Unfortunately, the move to form the BN by PAS who was led by late TS Datuk Mohd Asri was not received well by significant section of PAS rank-and-file. ‘Young Turks’ within PAS staged a ‘revolution’ in 1976, which ousted late TS Datuk Mohd Asri. Since then, PAS was transformed into what was seen as full-pledge ISLAMIC PARTY, led by the ULAMA, with the aspirations to establish an ISLAMIC STATE in Malaysia, including the implementation of the HUDUD.

PAS’s transformation took place at a time when the whole Islamic world were under some kind of ‘Islamic re-surgence’. Young people all over the world are turning back to Islam, including Malay students who were sent by the Malaysian government overseas. Overseas, including England, Australia and Egypt were known ‘breeding ground’ for potential supporters of Islamic Movements. PAS’s new aspirations attracted such group of students and graduates.

Despite their newly found IDEOLOGICAL STRENGTH, and rich pool of dedicated supporters, PAS’s aspirations were some how ‘diverted’ by their active involment in supporting the sacked former deputy PM, Anwar Ibrahim. Since the General Election in 1999, PAS had plunged themselves into working together with the ‘secularist’ DAP and ‘Anwarist’ PKR, out of their common obsesssion to bring down UMNO/BN government.

Since then, PAS was seen to have departed from their ISLAMIC STATE and HUDUD aspirations. Worst still, PAS was seen to be prepared to compromise into certain fundamental issues in Islam. Certain PAS leaders were seen becoming very liberal…including their initial stand to allow the Christians to use the word ALLAH.

However, on 4th June 2015, barely over a week ago, the LIBERAL elements within ranks-and-file’ of PAS were completely washed out in the ‘D-Day’ PAS Muktamar.

PAS, welcome back to the RIGHT PATH.

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2 Comments on “PAS – Welcome Back To The Right Path”

  1. Some people say there is only one Islam, which is not true.
    So what brand of Islam is PAS trying to advocate?
    It is not Islam Hadari, for sure. They were dead against it. It is certainly political Islam i.e. Islam to be used to achieve political power. The current group wants “Islamic” scholars to lead the country directly, not just as advisers. Something like Sudan.The economists, technologists and others have to be subservient to them. many actually want to replicate the social and political conditions of the 9th century. They do not want to give cognizance to latter day Caliphs who were not actually religious figures. Do they really believe in democracy? Unlikely. The term Tahalluf is coined to void embarrassment re: “labelled UMNO as ‘kafir’ or ‘infidel’ for working together with MCA and MIC.” They dream of having the upper hand with DAP following their “Islamic” way. Although they know that dream cannot be realized, their plan is to win and form a government first. There is an opportunity to destroy UMNO, then see what comes next. They are using hudud as a tool, even though knowing that they are unlikely to implement it. The have not put up rules of evidence. Video is just a piece of metal, cannot be used as witness. DNA also cannot. What can? Direct view of offence by four males?
    The so called “professional” group also does not project their brand of Islam. If they did it could well be similar to that of UMNO – Islamic principles/values used as a guide and learn/ apply lessons from the entire Islamic civilization. Therefore it is better to remain obscure.

  2. warisan tmk Says:

    Very enlightening comments brother.
    Agree fully that PAS was ‘using’ hudud as a tool….

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