Is There Anything Wrong With 1MDB?

Its startling to see how the rakyat were dragged into believing that 1MDB is a problematic company.

But, if you are the common people…whats exactly wrong about 1MDB…not many really know how to answer.

The only thing most people seem to be quite aware is that, 1MDB has HUGE DEBTS, around 42 billion ringgit.

But if you ask them, is it wrong to have HUGE DEBT? Their answer would be ‘Yes..its wrong’.

For those who answer such question ‘yes’, let them know that among the nations on our planet Earth, the country with BIGGEST DEBT is the USA, at USD15trillion. Mind you, 1 trillion = 1,000 billion. And the SECOND BIGGEST is Japan with USD13.5 billion debt.

Its interesting to note that our southern neighbour, Singapore, are among TOP TEN country in the world with the HUGE DEBT.

Does it then mean that countries like the USA, Japan and Singapore are in BAD SHAPE for having HUGE DEBTS, and they are among the TOP TEN in the world? The answer is definate NO.

In fact, the USA and Japan are the two riches countries on earth.

Then, how can we ‘bedevil’ 1MDB on the basis of having 42 billion ringgit debt, without really knowing how much assets the company have in order to secure those loans.

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