Mat Sabu, Temporary Leader of Gerakan Harapan Baru(GHB)

Former deputy president of PAS, Mat Sabu, lost badly in the contest to defend his deputy president post recently. So were his other comrades(term commonly used among communist insurgents during the country’s emergency days)…from the so-called ‘progressive’ camp….which I prefer to call ‘liberals’.

Mat Sabu and his comrades were not good losers. Less than 100 days after their crushing defeat in the party election earlier this year, Mat Sabu & comrades had envisaged setting up a new party… be alternative to PAS in a new PAKATAN RAKYAT 2.0.

Mat Sabu & comrades are absolutely correct to name their grouping as Gerakan Harapan Baru(GHB)….because very very likely, the new grouping will only offer HOPE, or HARAPAN in Bahasa Malaysia. Worse still for Mat Sabu, he will be given the honour only to lead the movement for a short while…before another more credible leader will be pushed up to take over the leadership of the new party.

Whether Mat Sabu realizes it or not…he had made GREAT MISTAKE in appointing Dr Dzulkifli Ahmad as the Setiausaha Agung(Penaja).

I will reveal in good time, how Dr Dzulkifli Ahmad and the organisation BEHIND HIM, will be the ones who will end the political career of Mat Sabu….not long after the GHB be officially registered.

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