Yellow Shirts Can, Why Red Shirts Can’t?

An estimated 50,000 yellow-shirts demonstrated in the vicinity of Dataran Mereka in the run down to Merdeka Day, despite PDRM declaring the gathering unlawful…even wearing the yellow Bersih4.0 shirts were made unlawful.

PAS did not mobilise their members to participate in Bersih4.0. They are no longer political partners of DAP. This forced DAP to work extra hard to mobilise their members. After all, Maria Chin Abdullah was only DAP proxy, or more rightly PUPPET. Not surprising, more than 80% of the participants were believed to be DAP Chinese.

DAP is not new to activities like street demos, victory processions and such likes. They were behind the victory parades in the heart of Kuala Lumpur following their ‘victories’ in 1969 general election. While ‘possessed’ during such parades, certain section of them shouted deregatory, insultive and provocative remarks against Malay by-standers….for three consecutive days….10th, 11th and 12th May 1969. Lim Kit Siang was then one of the leading figures in DAP.

Provocative shouts like ‘Melayu balik kampung’!!!, ‘Kuala Lumpur Cina punya’!!! had pushed the normally well-mannered and tolerant Malays into a corner. Counter parades were then organised by Pemuda UMNO on 13th May in retaliation….and BOOOM!!! All of a sudden, hell broke loose!!

Bersih4.0 demonstrated how hateful are the DAP Chinese leaders and supporters towards UMNO, the party who enjoy the support of the majority of Malays, the majority race in the country. Its hard to believe why DAP Chinese are so hateful of UMNO. After all, UMNO was the founder of Parti Perikatan and Barisan Nasional(BN) which had brought together all major races in the country under one umbrella. UMNO was the founder of such multi-racial arrangement…which had contributed a great deal to racial harmony, peace, stability and prosperity to our country.

Despite the introduction of Dasar Ekonomi Baru(DEB) in the aftermath of the May 13th 1969 racial riots, the Chinese are still by far the most dominant economically. 80% of TOP 100 RICHEST PERSONS in Malaysia are Chinese. DEB did not put any stop to the Chinese to achieve whatever they strive for in the country. The Malays never envy the hardworking Chinese to become millionaires…even billionairs. DEB only reserve certain quota of opportunities to the Malays. Apart from certain quota(around 30%) in different sphere of opportunities, the rest are open for all to fight for.

Its not a secret that DAP’s ‘HATE UMNO’ politics has been ‘cultivated’ among their supporters, and the children of their supporters, over the years…which resulted into PROVOCATIVE ACTS like their young followers stamping their feet on pictures of Malay leaders. DAP must be so proud of their ability to mobilise largest Chinese crowd ever….but have they ever imagine how certain silly acts of a few can spark off the TIME BOMB envisaged by none other than Lim Kit Siang long time ago.

Just like how provocative acts of certain section of the 1969 victory parades have turned Kuala Lumpur into TOWERING INFERNO.

No one can stop the RED SHIRTS from ‘expressing out’ their unhappiness with the way the Bersih4.0 participants behaved. Its not fair for the authorities to stop them from their rights to gather and to express themselves….after the same authority did not put much effort to stop the YELLOW SHIRTS from proceeding with their demos.

If YELLOW SHIRTS can, why the RED SHIRTS can’t????

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