RED SHIRTS Reflect the FEELINGS of Silent Majority Malays

Today, two of ‘half-Malays’ has spoken against the coming RED SHIRTS rally in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Mujahid Yusof Rawa appealed for the rally to be cancelled, while Zaid Ibrahim mockingly predicted that the rally would be laughing stock for the Malays.

The question is, who they represent? Mujahid Yusof Rawa has just been thrown out of PAS leadership. He is one of the G 18, group of former PAS leaders who were thrown out of PAS leadership…who have just set up a ‘splinter’ party, Parti Amanah Negara(PAN). To the disappointment of their PUPPET MASTER, the DAP, Mujahid and G18 failed to mobolise big enough number of Malays for Bersih4.0, to the extent that even the SECULAR BITCH Ambeega also missed the presence of the ISLAMIST PAS.

Zaid Ibrahim has for quite some time…living in a world of his own. After resigning as a minister…as a protest against the ISA arrest of  Teresa Kok, he flirted with PKR…but not for long. He was booted out of PKR by Azmin. He then set up his own political party(sorry Zaid…I can not even remember the name now…I hope you still can). Even his own party later booted him out. so, whom is he speaking for?

Contrary to what the two ‘half-Malays’ above, the activists behind the RED SHIRTS are seen more capable of ‘feeling’ the heart and mind of overwhelming majority of Malays. Majority of Malays are quite satisfied to remain as ‘silent majority’ as long as they have sufficient confidence in our security agencies like PDRM in looking after the dignity of Malays and their revered leaders.

Overwhelming majority of Malays were SPELL-BOUND when our PDRM appeared to be HELPLESS in the face of recent Bersih4.0 rally. The rally was declared ILLEGAL by PDRM…even the wearing of the yellow shirts was decreed ILLEGAL. Despite that, Bersih4.0 went on as planned by the ‘DAP puppet’ organisers. Obviously our PDRM had sent a wrong signal to both the ‘DAP puppet’ organisers….as well the ‘silent majority’ Malays.

Overwhelming majority of ‘silent majority’ Malays were REALLY DISTURBED by the apparent helplessness of our PDRM in facing up to Bersih4.0. The rally was ILLEGAL, but all key leaders of the opposition were there. Lim Kit Siang was there. Lim Guan Eng was there. Wan Azizah was there. Azmin was there. Mat Sabu was there. Has any action been taken against them???

I’m just an ordinary Malay…but I know how to read the ‘heart beat’ of my fellow Malays. The Malays were not happy with so much ‘freedom’ and tolerance being accorded to the ‘ungrateful race’ supportive of DAP. If PDRM is not capable of dealing with the ‘ungrateful race’, let the ordinary Malays on the street help themselves…protecting the dignity of the Malays.

Thats the message of the RED SHIRTS…and it reflects the FEELINGS of millions of ‘silent majority’ Malays.

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