Hello Nenek Rafidah….Who’s Talking About ‘Malay First’?

Obviously Nenek Rafidah is a spokesman for Tun Dr Mahathir. After Tun Mahathir got a ‘bloody nose’ recently, he has toned down quite a bit….but his dirty works seem to have been passed on to Nenek Rafidah….maybe until PDRM has forgotten their idea of interviewing Tun Mahathir.

Its very very surprising that this former Ketua Wanita UMNO could advice the Malays to ‘stop identifying themselves by their race….’. What made her talked this way? Has she become ‘half-Malay’ like Zaid Ibrahim too?

Let me ask her a simple question….in what way its wrong to identify oneself as Malay, Chinese or Indian? And she is uttering this at a time when the Chinese are sending their children to SJKC, and the Indians are still sending their children to SJKT. Even the Malays do not have SJKM…Only the Malays send their children to Sekolah Kebangsaan or National Schools.

Further more, no Malays are even talking about ‘Malay first, Malaysian second’ as claimed by her.

Whats wrong for us to think of ourselves as Malays and Malaysians, Chinese and Malaysians, or Indians and Malaysians. Malays, Chinese and Indians are ‘race identity’, while as a nation, we are all Malaysians.

The Chinese are proud of their language and heritage by sending their children to SJKC. The Indians are also proud of their language and heritage by sending their children to SJKC. Is Rafidah telling us not to be proud of our Malay language and history?

My advice to both Rafidah and Tun Mahathir….ENOUGH IS ENOUGH with your loud mouths ok? You have had your time…and both of you had left the scene at a time when most Malays were really fed up looking at your horrible old faces. Have not both of you got anything to play play at home now eh????

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