Lim The Father SHOCKED That Former UMNO Leader Behind RED SHIRTS?

For the past one week or so, Lim Kit Siang(Lim the Father) looked very anxious and jittery. Malays call this syndrome as ‘cacing kepanasan’. Yesterday, he expressed SHOCK that, as he claimed, a former UMNO leader is the master-mind behind the RED SHIRTS planned rally on this coming Malaysia Day.

But, why the SHOCK?

Is there any thing wrong if a former UMNO leader, or even an active UMNO leader for that matter, to master-mind a street demonstration….if his claim were correct.

Or, is in Lim’s mind, only anti-government NGOs and opposition parties have the exclusive right to hold street demos. After all its an open secret that Lim the Father and DAP was the actual organisor of recently-held Bersih 4.0.

Actually Lim the Father is getting really worried that this coming RED SHIRTS rally may, by intention or by accident, spark off certain street violence, fights or clashes. After all, Lim the Father was involved in DAP ‘victory parades’ in the middle of Kuala Lumpur in 1969, which sparked off the 13th May racial riots, the worst racial clashes our country ever experienced.

Why Lim the Father is ‘dead’ worried? He is ‘dead’ worried because should the rally end up into ‘horrible incidences’, all fingers will be directed at him. But, why at him. Simple. Lim the Father and DAP were master-mind of Bersih4.0, which revealed to us all HOW HATEFUL is the DAP supporters towards Malay top leaders…as symbolised in the ‘stepping on Najib & Hj Hadi pictures’.

Its the provocative and disrespectful antics of the participants in Bersih4.0 which had triggered the RED SHIRTS movement. Overwhelming majority of Malays, the Malays silent majority, were much antagonized and infuriated by those antics. They knew that Lim the Father and DAP had stepped on the RED LINE.

Malays are actually naturally friendly, fun-loving and peace loving people. They have been living in peace and harmony with their fellow Malaysians of all races…..until Lim the Father started HATE UMNO politics. Since the majority of Malays are supportive of UMNO and their leaders….any campaign of hate against UMNO and their leaders is not much different from CAMPAIGN OF HATE AGAINST THE MALAYS AND THEIR LEADERS.

Its really up to Lim the Father, Lim the Son and DAP Chinese to make a very important decision at the cross-road of our country’s history….to live in harmony with the Malays…or to keep on trying to undermine the political power of the Malays. Stop the ‘baling batu sembunyi tangan’ antics, stop from being ‘batu api’ among the Malay grouping…..because at the end of the day, only DAP supporters will be ‘outcast’ in this God-blessed Malaysia, ‘Land of the Malays’.

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