People’s Power – Relevance of Ballet Boxes and Street Demonstrations

Most modern governments, especially the developed countries of Europe and the Americas, are elected through the ballet boxes or General Elections. This is one of the main tenets of democracy. Democracy has spread to developing countries, including Asia and Africa…with varying degree of success.

Thailand is a democratic country, but their way of bringing up and down of governments has been a mixture of ballet boxes, military coup and even by street demonstrations. The former Thaksin Shinawatra government in Thailand, which was elected through a democratic process in a general election, was brought down by street demonstrations, with eventual intervention by the military. Such scenario do also happen in several other developing countries.

Meaning, its not uncommon in developing countries for governments which were elected democratically, be brought down by street demonstrations or by the military.

Taking this into consideration, a political party who seek to gain political power…and ability to defend it…must have combined strength of democratic machines and ‘strength’ on the street as well. Any political party who under-estimate or overlook this, will do so at their own peril.

After all, most international boundaries of countries of the world were rarely established by democratic or diplomatic means. Most were established through physical strength, physical battles and wars.

Since tomorrow is our MALAYSIA DAY, may I take this opportunity to CONGRATULATE our fellow Malaysians in conjunction with the auspicious day.

I also would like to take this opportunity to wish ALL THE BEST to the RED SHIRTS who are gathering in Kuala Lumpur. I’m sure, the gathering is meant to UNITE and STABILISE our country.

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