Are the Chinese Doing Enough To Achieve Racial Harmony?

Leaders of Chinese-based parties always preach others to identify themselves as Malaysians. Yet they are the upholders of SEGREGATION among Malaysian children, by upholding and defending…fanatically…vernacular education.

The Chinese-based parties are seen to be trying hard to outdo one impress the Chinese…which party are taking tougher stands against UMNO. Since UMNO is the only Malay-based party(PKR is multi-racial and PAS Islamic-based), UMNO will remain the ‘political umbrella’ for majority of Malays for years and decades to come. Meaning, any posturing by Chinese-based parties against UMNO…will be as good as posturing against the Malays.

The most frequent issue being used by Chinese-based parties to increase their support among the Chinese is to abolish ‘Special position of Malays and Bumiputra’ as allowed for in the Constitution. DAP’s ‘Malaysian Malaysia’ envisages total abolishing of bumiputra/non-bumiputra identifications. All these despite the Chinese being the most well off economically.

As long as the Chinese keep on ‘nagging’ on such matters, there will never be peace and harmony among the races. The only solution is, the Chinese has to swallow what has been agreed upon by their forefathers, the so-called SOCIAL CONTRACT, when they were accepted as citizens of Persekutuan Tanah Melayu.

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