Its Time For TS Muhyiddin To Step Down As Deputy President of UMNO

TS Muhyiddin Yassin is getting more ‘out of tune’ with other UMNO leaders and grassroot. Whilst DS Najib, DS Zahid Hamidi and overwhelming majority of the Malays were supportive of RED SHIRTS rally, TS Muhyiddin came out with comments critical of the massive gathering…even implying that the RED SHIRTS gathering were RACIST in nature.

TS Muhyiddin should fully realized that the RED SHIRTS rally was sparked off by the earlier BERSIH4.0 gathering on the eve of the country’s independence day…the main theme being to call for resignation of DS Najib. In the same gathering, there were scenes of young Chinese girls in shorts stamping their feet on pictures of DS Najib and DS Hj Hadi.

Has TS Muhyiddin got any sense of feeling. Didn’t he feel infuriated or ignited by the scenes of young Chinese girls stomping their feet the ‘faces’ of top Malay leaders…inclusing his boss, DS Najib, the president of UMNO and the PM of Malaysia?

No doubt, TS Muhyiddin was elected by over 140,000 UMNO delegates representing UMNO branches throughout the country. But, he should be aware that there was no contest for deputy president post…out of respect for the wishes of the President, DS Najib. Had DS Najib endorsed another candidate for the post…example DS Zahid Hamidee…most likely DS Muhyiddin would not have won such contest.

Since TS Muhyiddin is much inclined to be UMNO back-bencher, its high time for him to take an HONOURABLE move….to step down as Deputy President of UMNO.

TS Muhyidin should follow the HONOURABLE act of the late Datuk Onn Jaaafar, who relinguished his post as President of UMNO when his idea of allowing non-Malays to join UMNO was rejected by the majority of UMNO leaders and members then.

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