Taylors University Not Showing Due Respect to PM – Any Action By DS Idris Jusoh?

As reported, the Taylors University has terminated the services of a bus company…for the ‘BIG SIN’ of sending certain participants to RED SHIRTS on Malaysia Day.

RED SHIRTS rally took place on Wednesday…and the bus company was terminated two days later….very fast decision by international standard.

Taylors University is one of private universities established in Malaysia. To establish a private university in Malaysia, the University has to get a licence from Department of Private Education, Ministry of Higher Education. The Ministry is now under DS Idris Jusoh.

In Malaysia, education has become a big time business. Most of students in private universities are eligible to apply for study loan, the PTPTN loan…which is utilized to pay for their fees to the private universities. PTPTN study loans have been one of key fundings, which help sustain the existence of many private universities, like Taylor University.

Many wonder why Taylors University has taken such a drastic action. Are they PRO-DAP, that they find it a ‘BIG SIN’ for a bus bearing the Taylor University name being used to send participants to RED SHIRTS gathering? Are they not aware that even DS Najib, the President of UMNO and PM, did not stop UMNO members from taking part in the rally.

Such drastic action to terminate the bus company clearly shows how DISRESPECTFUL the Taylor University is towards the Government, and DS Najib, DS Idris Jusoh’s boss in the Cabinet and in UMNO.

We are all waiting to see whether DS Idris Jusoh is BRAVE ENOUGH to take certain drastic action against the Taylors University…like rescinding their licence…

Taylors University should be sent a strong message ‘di mana bumi dipijak, di situ langit dijunjung’.

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