Datuk Jamal – New Malay LEADER Born Out of Bersih4.0

Not many people know Datuk Jamal  Md Yunos, before Bersih4.0 on 29-30th August 2015. Although he has been the Sungai Besar division leader for quite some time, his name never surfaced. His name and face only surfaced in social media and newspapers in the run up to recent Bersih4.0 demonstration.

Not many will dispute that the RED SHIRTS rally was not initiated by UMNO. Instead, it was started by a number of Malay NGOs. Not many also will dispute that certain credit should accorded to Datuk Jamal for his role as the ‘de facto’ co-ordinator of RED SHIRTS rally. Without his ‘leading by example’ role, its very unlikely that DS Ali Rustam, TS Anuar Musa or DS Noh Omar would be able to attract such a huge participation in RED SHIRTS.

Its not difficult to understand why demos like Bersih4.0 gave rise to Malay leaders like Datuk Jamal. Its no secret that the ‘de facto’ organiser of Bersih4.0 was the Chinese-centred DAP. Since their debut in Malaysian general election in 1969, DAP has been drumming their ‘Malaysian Malaysia’ struggle. ‘Malaysian Malaysia’ as a slogan may look like a fair objective…but, its SERIOUSLY opposed to the spirit of the ‘Malay-centred’ Federal Constitution.

Bersih4.0 was no longer about fair election. Had our general elections been unfair, how could opposition parties managed to win in Selangor, Penang and Kelantan? Whats the main objective of Bersih4.0 then? Its none other than to call for resignation of DS Najib, as the Prime Minister of the country.

The RED SHIRTS rally’s main objective was the opposite of what Bersih4.0. RED SHIRTS would like to show to the rest of Malaysians and the whole world that DS Najib commands the support of the Malays….as opposed to the demands and wishes of the DAP Chinese.

Leadership and single-mindedness of Datuk Jamal was very crucial in successful planning and execution of RED SHIRTS rally. He has earned RECOGNITION as one of OUTSTANDING Malay new leaders…thanks to Bersih4.0.

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