Malaysians Prefer No Street Demonstration

I find myself in agreement with MCA’s President, that the Government should not allow any street demonstrations in future.

As events unfolded in the last few weeks, street demonstrations by Bersih4.0 was countered by another demonstrations by the RED SHIRTS two weeks later. And as we had all witnessed, how certain ‘side-shows’ like certain young Chinese girls stamping their feet on photos of Malay leaders during Bersih4.0 had triggered so much anger and revenge among the Malays.

If we care to take a leaf from our nation’s history, not many will dispute that the ‘victory parades’ by DAP in the middle of KL immediately after the general election in 1969 was responsible to spark off counter demonstrations which triggered the worst racial riot our country had ever experienced.

Many countries can still prosper without street demonstrations. Just listen how our Malaysian Chinese friends talk proudly about the achievements of China, Hong Kong and Singapore. Even Bersih4.0 was not allowed in either Singapore and China. And…there are over 95% ethnic Chinese in both China and Hong Kong…and over 85% ethnic Chinese in Singapore.

If countries like China, Hong Kong and Singapore can prosper without street demonstrations, why DAP Chinese are so keen on street demonstration in this country…their country too..when such activities may trigger racial unrest and conflicts.

Really agree with MCA….STOP ALL STREET DEMOS IN FUTURE….lets be fair to all.

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