How Many % of Petaling Street Traders Are CHINESE NATIONALS?

Let me be clear from the very beginning, that I’m against any form of violence or racism, either by pro-opposition elements or pro-government elements of our country’s political divide. I’m personally against any rally that would disrupt businesses, either by the RED SHIRTS in Petaling Street, or by Bersih4.0 in the vicinity of Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman and Dataran Merdeka.

However, an event of yesterday have baffled many, especially its implication on future race relation, in particular Malays-Chinese relation in this country. As reported yesterday, the Chinese ambassador to Malaysia, Dr Huang Hui Kang, was in Petaling Street yesterday, in anticipation of another smaller RED SHIRTS rally speculated to take place today in the ‘Chinatown’ of Kuala Lumpur.

The Chinese ambassador’s presence was not only to distribute mooncakes to the traders, but he was reported to told the traders, ‘We told businesspeople here that they can open as usual tomorrow if they want, but if they feel unsafe, the choice is theirs to close instead’. He was also reported to have said, ‘….nobody is above the law. So reject racism and any form of extremism.’ He was even quoted to have ‘warned’ the rally organizers that the Government of China would not want to see acts of violence been perpetrated by anyone.

What puzzled many is, what was the main reason for an Ambassador of a foreign country, People’s Republic of China, doing in Petaling Street? An initial impression is, Dr Kang appeared to have committed serious breach of diplomatic norms between two sovereign countries. After all, the Malaysian police had proven their impartiality in maintaining law and order, and protecting the traders in 916 rally. Then, none of the traders was hurt, and none of their premises was either looted or burnt.

The only justifiable reason for Dr Kang to be there there…giving out advices and warnings too…was, IF there are sizeable number of CHINESE NATIONALS doing business in Petaling Street, and their lives and businesses are under imminent danger. Even in such situation, Dr Kang must still register their concerns with our Foreign Ministry through proper diplomatic channels.

If that’s really the case, its interesting to know how many percent of traders in Petaling Street are CHINESE NATIONALS.

IF the presence of CHINESE NATIONALS are negligible…or none at all…then on what basis he was there giving those ‘sermons’? Is it because the traders are mainly from ethnic Chinese, Malaysian Chinese. If that was the case, can we say that it was a kind of RACISM which had driven Dr Kang to openly interfere in the internal affairs of a sovereign country, Malaysia?

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