Answering RM2.6 Billion Ringgit Question

Really wonder whether the opposition lawmakers or members of parliment are that DAMN STUPID…and DEAF too.

They’d made themselves looking like FOOLS by holding placards which read ‘Where’s the rm2.6 billion’ at the end of  DS Najib budget speech.

Haven’t they been reading main stream newspapers….or watching prime channels TV?

Why so foolishly ask such question…when answers were already given?

MACC has already issued statements that the rm2.6 billion was donated to DS Najib by a Middle-eastern donor. And DS Najib has issued statements that he would disclose who is the donor….with the condition that opposition parties also disclose donors to their political funds.

So…the ball is in your court Mr Lim Kit Siang & comrades. Pls declare now who are the ‘taukehs’ who have been donating funds to DAP. Are they local ‘taukehs’ or overseas ‘taukehs’. Are they family businesses ‘taukeys’ or are they Public-listed ‘taukehs’. Its time to make it known to all Malaysians, who are the ‘musuh dalam selimut’ and ‘gunting dalam lipatan’? Its time for the rakyat to know who are the ‘taukehs’ who are getting benefits from the Government…and at the same time STABBING the Government of DS Najib from the back.

DS Najib has thrown the gountlet to you all…just answer his challenge…like real men…not cowards.

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