PKR Sacrificial Lamb of DAP

DAP is in a rush to call for snap State Election. Why?

DAP knows that they are beginning to loose their grip on Chinese support…day by day.

More Chinese are beginning to question the merits voting for DAP…when DAP are ‘forever’ in the opposition. This more so when PAS is no longer in the same coalition as DAP…and showing increasing tendency to work with UMNO, the leading party in the ruling BN.

As for the moment, DAP is reasonably confident that they can still count on the Chinese to return them to power…perhaps by the slimest of simple majority. But this may not be the case next year when Lim Guan Eng is expected to be ‘on holiday’…and worse still in 2018.

At the same time, DAP is fully aware that PKR may lose most of their 10 seats to UMNO, due to the 3-corner fights with PAS and UMNO.

However, for DAP, its better to hold on to power, even with slimest majority…than to hand over the state government on silver plate in 2018.

To ensure DAP’s hold to power in Penang, at least for another 5 years, there is no other option to DAP but to call for snap State Election NIW….sadly, PKR may have to be made a sacrificial lamb.



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