The Myth of ‘Taxpayers Money’

We keep on coming across the term ‘Taxpayers Money’ being used to whenever subject of Government spendings being discussed or debated, be it  1MDB, other GLC’s, Tabung Haji, BRIM…and even any other Government spending.

Is it really true that Goverment had ever spent ‘Taxpayers Money’?

We pay all sorts of taxes to the Government, be it personal income tax, corporate tax, GST, import duties and so on and so forth.

The question is, are we paying various taxes to the Government because we are so charitable and generous? And do we regard the taxes we pay as our voluntry donation or contribution to the Government?

Surely not.

In fact, we are paying those taxes because there are laws of the country which require us to pay those taxes…which can be enforced upon us if we decide to default the payments.

In simple term, whatever money we earn and become taxable, whatever profit we make in business and become taxable, the amount we have to pay as taxes to the Government will become GOVERNMENT’S MONEY based on certain laws of the country.

Yet we keep on coming across the term ‘Taxpayers Money’ being used too often…as if the Government is acting like a bank….keeping the money belonging taxpayers as ‘deposits’…and as if the taxpayers may withdraw the money paid up as taxes at any time they like.

Let us for once no longer regard the money already paid to the Government in form of taxes as TAXPAYERS MONEY. The already paid up taxes money now belong to the Government. Its no longer TAXPAYERS MONEY….cos it has become GOVERNMENT’S MONEY.


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