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October 5, 2016

Its going to be Bersih 5.0 in just over a month from now. Bersih 1-4 had created havocs in the heart of KL City, despite  their organizers not complying with the Akta Perhimpunan Aman.

In each of the previous Bersih gatherings, our police appeared to have compromised the laws. The silent majority in the country have been questioning WHY there were no ‘deterrent’ actions against ‘circus animal'(using the phrase of RED SHIRT leader Dato’ Jamal) like the YELLOW SHIRT Bersih leader Maria Chin….so much so, she seems to be ‘addicted’ to organise Bersih gatherings again and again…to great discomfort to the silent majority.

Its absolutely ridiculous for Bersih to dupe innocent people, including the old folks, to the streets to create a public perception that our General Elections have not been fair…when the opposition DAP had swept almost all Chinese-majority seats all over the country!!!

When our PDRM appears toothless and helpless in stopping the lawlessness of Marina Chin and her gang of ‘circus animals’, the silent majority are quietly supportive of ‘vigilante’ group THE RED SHIRTS led by Dato’ Jamal.

In fact, the rakyat are expecting our PDRM to be doing what the RED SHIRTS are forced to do now….to keep our streets free from these lawless DEMO ADDICTS.

We, the silent majority, look up to you Dato’ Jamal and your team of ‘vigilante’ RED SHIRTS. Hopefully our PDRM will be more firm in executing their entrusted role to keep the public order….so that you and your friends can go back for good rest at home.




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