PAS Should Quit Selangor State Government

On the same day UMNO were celebrating its 71st ‘birthday’, PAS made a landmark decision to sever its remaining political ties with PKR.

Most political observers believe that the decision should immediately be followed by PAS 3 EXCO members in the Selangor State government to relinquish their posts and all PAS 13 state assemblymen to declare themselves opposition in the Dewan Undangan Negeri Selangor.

However, PAS appeared to have decided to let their 3 EXCOs to stay put, on the basis that the voters had given them the mandate to rule Selangor in the PRU13, they might as well stay put until the next election.

On top of that, PAS is against any possibility of allowing the 2 Amanah state assemblymen to take fill in any vacuum left by PAS.

However, PAS should realize that the mandate given to what was call Pakatan Rakyat in PRU13 was when PAS, PKR and DAP were in a ‘pakatan’. And together they hold 42 seats out of 56 seats in the Selangor DUN.

However, yesterday’s decision by the Majlis Syura Ulama PAS has changed the whole political landscape of Selangor. Ideologically, PKR(13 seats) only share common aspirations as DAP(14 seats) and Amanah(2 seats won under PAS). Together they hold 29 seats, just a 2-seat majority.

If PAS’s EXCO members stay put, they will actually be ‘propping up’ a government made up of PKR and the anti-Islam DAP. While, if PAS’s EXCOs quit, there is a likelihood that the government helmed by anti-Islam DAP will start to crumble within weeks…if not days.

As a party who views their principles and Islamic aspirations as more important than POWER itself, PAS should not be seen sitting down with DAP and PKR in the Selangor Government a day longer.

Instead, PAS should engineer the fall of DAP, and its staunchest ally PKR in Selangor.

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