Malaysia Peaceful Until ISA Abolished

In his latest in series of barrages against DS Najib, Tun Mahathir claimed that there is no more peace in the country when the ‘crook, thief and robber’ became PM.

No doubt, there was relative peace in the country during the reign of Tun Mahathir as Prime Minister.

At the height of racial tension in 1987, hundreds of opposition politicians from DAP and PAS were rounded up and kept silent in jails under the ISA.

Greatest challenge to Tun Mahathir as PM was in the aftermath of the sacking of DS Anwar Ibrahim as Deputy PM in 1998, which re-ignited STREET DEMONSTRATIONS and gave birth to REFORMASI movement.

Again, Tun Mahathir used the ISA to arrest DS Anwar Ibrahim, after leading a huge street demonstration of 100,000 people in Dataran Merdeka.

Fortunately for the opposition, when the ‘crook’ became PM, one of his ‘smart’ moves was to abolish the ISA. The ‘crook’ PM thought, by abolishing the ISA, he would regain the support of the Chinese.

However, the abolition of ISA was used by the opposition to spread FALSE ACCUSATIONS, SLENDER and HATE against the DS Najib, his wife and family, and UMNO/BN.

Tun Mahathir is the greatest beneficiary of the abolition of ISA. He can go round to slender anything against DS Najib without fear of being arrested and thrown into prison.

No doubt the country was more peaceful under Tun Mahathir with ISA still in place.

Had DS Najib not been naive to abolish the ISA, the country will definately be peaceful now…with Tun Mahathir being kept in Kemunting jail.

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