Malaysian Film Festival – Patriotism vs Racism

Posted August 7, 2016 by warisan tmk
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Contraversies surrounding the coming Malaysian Film Festival(FFM) bring into question the meaning of ‘patriotism’ and ‘racism’.

For some, its of paramount important for our film producers to share the spirit of nation building, including giving due recognition of our national language, Bahasa Malaysia.

To others, whats so significant about a language..

Others go to the extend of accusing the organisers of promoting ‘racism’.

I really wonder whether our society really understand the meaning of terms like ‘patriotism’ and ‘racism’.

MARA Set Up By Taxpayer’s Money?

Posted August 7, 2016 by warisan tmk
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We have to acknowledge that the Deputy CM 2 of Penang, P Ramasamy, is one of the more prolific writers among leaders if the opposition.

Earlier today, he raised several issues related to the Asian Institute of Medical, Science and Technology University(AIMST). However, this is not the subject of my discussion today.

However, while discussing AIMST, P Ramasamy touched a point which was a subject of my writing less than a week ago, which argued that there is no such thing as ‘Taxpayers money’.

In his writing, P Ramasamy implied that MARA was set up and financed by taxpayers’ money.

By now, P Ramasamy should know that there is no such thing as ‘Taxpayers money’ as all monies paid to the Government in the form of taxes are GOVERNMENT’S MONEY…not Taxpayers money.

P Ramasamy must put into his thick head that MARA was set up using GOVERNMENT’S MONEY. And Government has duties to be fulfilled towards the Malays/Bumiputras, as allowed for in the Federal Constitution.

The Myth of ‘Taxpayers Money’

Posted July 30, 2016 by warisan tmk
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We keep on coming across the term ‘Taxpayers Money’ being used to whenever subject of Government spendings being discussed or debated, be it  1MDB, other GLC’s, Tabung Haji, BRIM…and even any other Government spending.

Is it really true that Goverment had ever spent ‘Taxpayers Money’?

We pay all sorts of taxes to the Government, be it personal income tax, corporate tax, GST, import duties and so on and so forth.

The question is, are we paying various taxes to the Government because we are so charitable and generous? And do we regard the taxes we pay as our voluntry donation or contribution to the Government?

Surely not.

In fact, we are paying those taxes because there are laws of the country which require us to pay those taxes…which can be enforced upon us if we decide to default the payments.

In simple term, whatever money we earn and become taxable, whatever profit we make in business and become taxable, the amount we have to pay as taxes to the Government will become GOVERNMENT’S MONEY based on certain laws of the country.

Yet we keep on coming across the term ‘Taxpayers Money’ being used too often…as if the Government is acting like a bank….keeping the money belonging taxpayers as ‘deposits’…and as if the taxpayers may withdraw the money paid up as taxes at any time they like.

Let us for once no longer regard the money already paid to the Government in form of taxes as TAXPAYERS MONEY. The already paid up taxes money now belong to the Government. Its no longer TAXPAYERS MONEY….cos it has become GOVERNMENT’S MONEY.


PKR Sacrificial Lamb of DAP

Posted July 28, 2016 by warisan tmk
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DAP is in a rush to call for snap State Election. Why?

DAP knows that they are beginning to loose their grip on Chinese support…day by day.

More Chinese are beginning to question the merits voting for DAP…when DAP are ‘forever’ in the opposition. This more so when PAS is no longer in the same coalition as DAP…and showing increasing tendency to work with UMNO, the leading party in the ruling BN.

As for the moment, DAP is reasonably confident that they can still count on the Chinese to return them to power…perhaps by the slimest of simple majority. But this may not be the case next year when Lim Guan Eng is expected to be ‘on holiday’…and worse still in 2018.

At the same time, DAP is fully aware that PKR may lose most of their 10 seats to UMNO, due to the 3-corner fights with PAS and UMNO.

However, for DAP, its better to hold on to power, even with slimest majority…than to hand over the state government on silver plate in 2018.

To ensure DAP’s hold to power in Penang, at least for another 5 years, there is no other option to DAP but to call for snap State Election NIW….sadly, PKR may have to be made a sacrificial lamb.



Answering RM2.6 Billion Ringgit Question

Posted October 26, 2015 by warisan tmk
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Really wonder whether the opposition lawmakers or members of parliment are that DAMN STUPID…and DEAF too.

They’d made themselves looking like FOOLS by holding placards which read ‘Where’s the rm2.6 billion’ at the end of  DS Najib budget speech.

Haven’t they been reading main stream newspapers….or watching prime channels TV?

Why so foolishly ask such question…when answers were already given?

MACC has already issued statements that the rm2.6 billion was donated to DS Najib by a Middle-eastern donor. And DS Najib has issued statements that he would disclose who is the donor….with the condition that opposition parties also disclose donors to their political funds.

So…the ball is in your court Mr Lim Kit Siang & comrades. Pls declare now who are the ‘taukehs’ who have been donating funds to DAP. Are they local ‘taukehs’ or overseas ‘taukehs’. Are they family businesses ‘taukeys’ or are they Public-listed ‘taukehs’. Its time to make it known to all Malaysians, who are the ‘musuh dalam selimut’ and ‘gunting dalam lipatan’? Its time for the rakyat to know who are the ‘taukehs’ who are getting benefits from the Government…and at the same time STABBING the Government of DS Najib from the back.

DS Najib has thrown the gountlet to you all…just answer his challenge…like real men…not cowards.

Understanding CAUSES of Racial Tension in Malaysia

Posted October 17, 2015 by warisan tmk
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I’m not a medical doctor. But I’ve seen enough doctors to understand the difference between SYMPTOMS, SICKNESS, CAUSES and PRESCRIPTIONS.

RACIAL TENSION is the sickness. SYMPTOMS of the RACIAL TENSION sickness include:

  1. Bersih 4.0 rally organised on the eve of this year’s Merdeka Day celebrations, attended by about 100,000 participants, 80% of whom were Malaysian Chinese. The rally unveiled intense hatred among Chinese youths against Malay political leaders, which was symbolised by their acts of stamping their feet on photos of DS Najib Tun Razak, the country’s Prime Minister and UMNO President, and DS Hadi Awang, the President of PAS.
  2. Red Shirts rally organised on 16th September, the Malaysia Day, attended by about 200,000 participants, almost 100% of whom were Malays. Certain section of the Red Shirts rally attempted to ‘storm’ into Petaling Street, also known as ‘Chinatown of Kuala Lumpur’.
  3. Following the two rallies, there were FLURRY OF RACIALLY-CHARGED statements by leaders and bloggers of both sides…each describing the other as RACISTS.

These are all SYMPTOMS, not the CAUSES of the racial tension.

Back to the analogy of a doctor, the doctor has to know the CAUSES of certain disease or sickness, to enable him/her to prescribe the right medicine…to cure the sickness.

Our politicians on both sides of political divide keeps on talking about SYMPTOMS…about stamping on photos of Malay politicians…about Red Shirts attempt to storm Petaling Street….about placards calling abolishing of SJKC….about a deputy minister wanting to ‘lempang’ the Chinese…and such likes.

But what actually triggered all such acts?

Our forefathers, representing all major races, back in early 1950s, had reached certain understandings and agreements, in laying the FOUNDATIONS of the would be independent Persekutuan Tanah Melayu, including formulating the country’s FEDERAL CONSTITUTION. The formulated FEDERAL CONSTITUTION became the embodiment of those understandings and agreements. One of the key agreements  was called the SOCIAL CONTRACT, or can be more accurately described as CITIZENSHIP AGREEMENT.

By the CITIZENSHIP AGREEMENT, over 1.2 million immigrant Chinese nationals, and over 0.3 million immigrant Indian nationals, were conferred citizenship of Persekutuan Tanah Melayu, in return for them recognizing the SPECIAL POSITION of the Malays as the original inhabitants and political rulers of Tanah Melayu states, which were part of the bigger Malay Archipilago. This explains certain Malay-centredness of the formulated Federal Constitution.

However, as decades passed by, the younger generation are beginning to be detached from the history of foundation of Persekutuan Tanah Melayu, and later Malaysia. Worse still, Chinese-centred political parties like DAP, since its formation, have been drumming the MALAYSIAN MALAYSIA concept…which directly or indirectly call for the abolition of the Malays/Non-Malays and Bumiputra/Non-bumiputra divide.

Such CALLS and DEMANDS by DAP is indeed a major CAUSE of racial tension in this country.

Had DAP and their Chinese supporters accepted the terms of SOCIAL CONTRACT or the CITIZENSHIP AGREEMENT, the Malays would not have any complain at all. Despite the Chinese dominating the economic sector of the country, the Malays have nothing against it. The Malays can accept that whoever works harder deserve to be better rewarded.

I really hope my writing will be analysed and studied by leaders and followers of DAP, Gerakan, MCA and other Chinese-based parties, and NGOs too.

Lets not discuss the SYMPTOMS, but lets honestly find out the actual CAUSES of ‘diseases’ which are impacting us. Then only, we will find the RIGHT PRESCRIPTION.


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I believe the Ambassador of People’s Republic of China had crossed certain RED DIPLOMATIC LINE by making controversial statements to traders of Petaling Street yesterday.

Let me tell Dr Huang Hui Kang, that TWO WRONGS DO NOT MAKE IT RIGHT.

It was wrong for the RED SHIRTS to organize street demonstration which will disrupt businesses, be it in Petaling Street or any where else…in the same way, it was wrong for Bersih4.0 to organize street demonstration which disrupted businesses along Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman and the vicinity of Dataran Merdeka.

In what way Dr Huang Hui Kang was WRONG?

Dr Kang should have not acted as if he is a Governor of Malaysia…representing the People’s Republic of China. Malaysia has never been and will never be one of the provinces of China. Malaysia is a sovereign country. Dr Kang may have been a bit TOO ARROGANT, and may have breached certain diplomatic protocols.

Regardless whether the RED SHIRTS were right or wrong, its definitely WRONG for Dr Kang to give veiled warning to any party in this sovereign country. Its a gross violation of diplomatic norms in CIVILISED WORLD.

What would be the reaction of the Government of the People’s Republic of China, had another superpower, be it America or Russia, sent their ambassadors to the troubled Xin Kiang province of north east China, and warned certain group of Hui Chinese there not to discriminate against the minority Uigurs? Even if the Hui Chinese were in the wrong, Chinese Government would be very unhappy with such actions by an ambassador of another country.

I think our Malaysian Government should at least send a strong diplomatic protest against the ‘misendavour’ of Dr Kang. If our Government thinks fit, the Chinese ambassador should be sent back to China.

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