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Understanding CAUSES of Racial Tension in Malaysia

October 17, 2015

I’m not a medical doctor. But I’ve seen enough doctors to understand the difference between SYMPTOMS, SICKNESS, CAUSES and PRESCRIPTIONS.

RACIAL TENSION is the sickness. SYMPTOMS of the RACIAL TENSION sickness include:

  1. Bersih 4.0 rally organised on the eve of this year’s Merdeka Day celebrations, attended by about 100,000 participants, 80% of whom were Malaysian Chinese. The rally unveiled intense hatred among Chinese youths against Malay political leaders, which was symbolised by their acts of stamping their feet on photos of DS Najib Tun Razak, the country’s Prime Minister and UMNO President, and DS Hadi Awang, the President of PAS.
  2. Red Shirts rally organised on 16th September, the Malaysia Day, attended by about 200,000 participants, almost 100% of whom were Malays. Certain section of the Red Shirts rally attempted to ‘storm’ into Petaling Street, also known as ‘Chinatown of Kuala Lumpur’.
  3. Following the two rallies, there were FLURRY OF RACIALLY-CHARGED statements by leaders and bloggers of both sides…each describing the other as RACISTS.

These are all SYMPTOMS, not the CAUSES of the racial tension.

Back to the analogy of a doctor, the doctor has to know the CAUSES of certain disease or sickness, to enable him/her to prescribe the right medicine…to cure the sickness.

Our politicians on both sides of political divide keeps on talking about SYMPTOMS…about stamping on photos of Malay politicians…about Red Shirts attempt to storm Petaling Street….about placards calling abolishing of SJKC….about a deputy minister wanting to ‘lempang’ the Chinese…and such likes.

But what actually triggered all such acts?

Our forefathers, representing all major races, back in early 1950s, had reached certain understandings and agreements, in laying the FOUNDATIONS of the would be independent Persekutuan Tanah Melayu, including formulating the country’s FEDERAL CONSTITUTION. The formulated FEDERAL CONSTITUTION became the embodiment of those understandings and agreements. One of the key agreements  was called the SOCIAL CONTRACT, or can be more accurately described as CITIZENSHIP AGREEMENT.

By the CITIZENSHIP AGREEMENT, over 1.2 million immigrant Chinese nationals, and over 0.3 million immigrant Indian nationals, were conferred citizenship of Persekutuan Tanah Melayu, in return for them recognizing the SPECIAL POSITION of the Malays as the original inhabitants and political rulers of Tanah Melayu states, which were part of the bigger Malay Archipilago. This explains certain Malay-centredness of the formulated Federal Constitution.

However, as decades passed by, the younger generation are beginning to be detached from the history of foundation of Persekutuan Tanah Melayu, and later Malaysia. Worse still, Chinese-centred political parties like DAP, since its formation, have been drumming the MALAYSIAN MALAYSIA concept…which directly or indirectly call for the abolition of the Malays/Non-Malays and Bumiputra/Non-bumiputra divide.

Such CALLS and DEMANDS by DAP is indeed a major CAUSE of racial tension in this country.

Had DAP and their Chinese supporters accepted the terms of SOCIAL CONTRACT or the CITIZENSHIP AGREEMENT, the Malays would not have any complain at all. Despite the Chinese dominating the economic sector of the country, the Malays have nothing against it. The Malays can accept that whoever works harder deserve to be better rewarded.

I really hope my writing will be analysed and studied by leaders and followers of DAP, Gerakan, MCA and other Chinese-based parties, and NGOs too.

Lets not discuss the SYMPTOMS, but lets honestly find out the actual CAUSES of ‘diseases’ which are impacting us. Then only, we will find the RIGHT PRESCRIPTION.


MCA Claims HUDUD Against The Constitution?

April 25, 2014

Yesterday, DS Najib made a very clear and firm statements about HUDUD. Among other things, he stated that the Government NEVER REJECT HUDUD. He also stated that there was a vast difference between rejecting the laws and not implementing the laws due to certain constraints. And he did not in any way stated or implied that implementation of HUDUD is against our Federal Constitution.

Surprisingly, as reported in the STAR newspaper today, immediately after DS Najib’s statement, MCA President DS Liow Tiong Lai(LTL) said the party’s stand was to uphold the Federal Constitution for a progressive multi-ethnic and religious Malaysian society….and this was the vision of the nation’s forefathers for harmony.

However, what’s the actual meaning of DS LTL’s statement in the light of him and MCA openly campaigning for the REJECTION of the proposed implementation of HUDUD in Kelantan? Is he implying and even claiming that any implementation of HUDUD is against the Federal Constitution…against the vision of the nation’s forefathers….and detrimental to the country.

DS LTL, please do not just open your mouth and talk BULL-SHIT. The rakyat expect more explanations, elaborations, delaborations and justifications from you. In what way implementation of HUDUD will violate our Federal Constitution…in what way it is against the vision of our nation’s forefathers….in what way it would be detrimental to our multi-ethnic society?

For all that we know, HUDUD will only be applicable to the Muslims. NOT TO THE NON-MUSLIMS.

The Muslims can understand your anguish and anxiety IF the HUDUD laws were applicable to the non-Muslims too. BUT, let me say it again, HUDUD is NOT APPLICABLE TO THE NON-MUSLIMS.

Then what’s the FUSS are about?

New MCA Leaders Have To Return to the Ways of MCA Founders

December 22, 2013

Congratulation to DS Liow Tiong Lai, and Dato’ Wee Ka Siong, who have been elected President and Deputy President of MCA. The same greetings also for those elected Vice Presidents and CEC members.

They are facing HUGE TASKS, almost UPHILL TASKS, to get back the support of the majority of the Chinese community, who have been overwhelmingly with DAP, since the 2008 GE. DAP was set up with objectives, among others, of DEMOLISHING certain fundamental corner-stones of our Federal Constitution, namely the provision of SPECIAL POSITION OF MALAYS/BUMIPUTRAS.

Whilst, MCA was one of the major players in the formulation of the SOCIAL CONTRACT among the major races, agreed upon a few years before the independence of Persekutuan Tanah Melayu. Under the SOCIAL CONTRACT, the Malay rulers and UMNO(the umbrella party of Malays), agreed to the persuasion of the British, to allow about 1.2 million CHINESE IMMIGRANTS, and 0.3 million INDIAN IMMIGRANTS, to be granted citizenship of Persekutuan Tanah Melayu, and in return, those who were granted citizenship would recognize the SPECIAL POSITION of the Malays/bumiputras, who were original rulers and inhabitants of the Malay states.

Obviously, MCA and DAP were founded on DIFFERENT SETS OF OBJECTIVES. However, DAP appeared to have been able to gain the upper hands in IGNITING the feelings of the Chinese community, by their ‘Malaysian Malaysia’ objectives, ie. to do away with the provisions in our Federal Constitution, which provide for the SPECIAL POSITION of the Malays/Bumiputras, and all policies associated with it.

MCA should never try to be MORE DAP than DAP. MCA has to go back to the history of the party, as well as the history of the country’s independence. Founders of the Alliance Party(consisting of UMNO, MCA and MIC) were very far-sighted in formulating the Constitution of Persekutuan Tanah Melayu. Political stability of this country has been a key factor in the SUCCESS STORY of the country, including OUTSTANDING SUCCESS of its Chinese business community. Malaysia is now TOP 20 BIGGEST TRADING NATION in the world, and the country is on the verge of becoming a DEVELOPED COUNTRY.

Newly elected MCA leaders have a great task, to bring back MCA to the ways and thoughts of the MCA founders, most of whom were born in China, and immigrated to the Malay states during the ‘protectorate’ of the British in the Malay states. They were among those who were gifted with foresightedness, who formulated the SOCIAL CONTRACT, to ensure lasting PEACE, STABILITY and PROSPERITY of Persekutuan Tanah Melayu, the permanent abode of their children and descendants for thousands of years to come.

To win back the Chinese, MCA has to re-educate the Chinese community, the WIN-WIN formula agreed upon by the co-founders of the country. MCA has to work hard to convince the Chinese community that the BN formula is THE WIN-WIN formula, and this the only way forward…..and that the DAP ‘Malaysian Malaysia’ will only lead to DESTRUCTION of what the country has built over the years.

Registration of DAP Can Be CANCELLED, According To Societies Acts 1966, For Advocating ‘Malaysian Malaysia’.

December 16, 2012

The concept of ‘Malaysian Malaysia’ was first advocated by the Singapore-based PAP, shortly after the formation of Malaysia. ‘Malaysian Malaysia’ envisaged a Malaysian society which would do away with SPECIAL POSITION OF MALAYS/BUMIPUTRAS as provided for in the Federal Constitution of Malaysia.

PAP’s obsession with ‘Malaysian Malaysia’  was bitterly opposed by UMNO, the backbone of the then ruling Alliance Party which consisted of UMNO, MCA and MIC. Eventually, this had resulted into the expulsion of Singapore from the Federation. It was seen by many as an act of ‘amputating’ certain cancerous part the body in order to keep the other parts of the body healthy.

However, the expulsion of Singapore did not stop ‘PAP’s ideology’ from being upheld in Malaysia by former supporters of PAP in Malaysia, who later formed the Democratic Actions Party(DAP), whose present leadership include Lim Kit Siang as its advicer, Lim Guan Eng as the Secretary General, and Karpal Singh as the Chairman. DAP’s debut in the 1969 General Election co-incided with the the most devastating racial riots the country had ever witnessed for decades.

DAP’s persistent advocacy of ‘Malaysian Malaysia’, which aims to remove policies favourable to the Malays/Bumiputras, as provided for in the Federal Constitution,  has been the MOST POTENT FLASHPOINT in Malaysian politics and race-relations in the country. Infact, Lim Kit Siang used to write a book entitled ‘THE TIME BOMB’ , forecasting an inter-racial ‘explosion’ along the path of our nation. Paradoxically, DAP has been the ‘God-father’  of Chinese educationists who have been upholding CHINESE-MEDIUM SCHOOLS.

I did wonder, whether, a political party like DAP, whose aspirations are IN CONTRADICTION to the spirit and letters of our Federal Constitution should be allowed to exist as a REGISTERED SOCIETY, what more about being allowed to take part in the political elections in the country. I’d looked for some answers in the Societies Acts 1966. Having browsed through back and forth, my attention was focused on the item 2A which was listed under a heading ‘REGISTERED SOCIETIES TO ACT IN FULFILLMENT OF THE CONSTITUTION’.

Item 2A started with: “It should be the duty of every registered society to carrying out its activities and conducting  its affairs, to ensure that they are in accord, and conducive to the fulfillment of and adherence to, the provisions of the Federal Constitution and the State Constitution, and where any of the activities or affairs of any society is in any manner violative of, or derogatory to, or militate against, or show disregard for……………………the position of the Malays and the natives of Sabah and Sarawak……as provided in the Federal Constitution, the Registrar may CANCEL the registration of the society…..”.

Having studied the provisions in the Societies Act 1966, I reached a FIRM CONCLUSION that many political parties in the country, notably the DAP, have been conducting their activities and affairs, in a manner VIOLATIVE OF, DEROGATORY TO, MILITATE AGAINST, and SHOW DISREGARD to the Federal Constitution, in particular, with regards to THE SPECIAL POSITION OF MALAYS/BUMIPUTRAS.  These have been the underlying factors WHY there have been so much POLITICS OF HATE been spread out to all corners of our country.

The Societies Act 1966 are very clear about it. And the Act clearly spelt out WHO ARE RESPONSIBLE to monitor the activities and affairs of registered societies, and what actions are within their powers to exercise, when certain societies conduct their activities and affairs IN CONTRADICTION to the spirit and letters of our Federal Constitution. I hope all pro-BN bloggers will take note and study this matter further, so that we can ensure that any political party who are acting against the letters and spirit of our Federal Constitution will get their registration CANCELLED, and not be allowed to dictate or determine the future of our GREAT NATION.

Siapakah Tun Mahathir Untuk Memutuskan Hak Istimewa Melayu Akan Dimansukhkan Suatu Hari Nanti

December 13, 2012

Kita semua amat kagum dan sayang dengan Tun Mahathir. Tun Mahathir adalah di antara pemimpin Melayu terulung, dikurniakan oleh  Allah swt kepada umat Melayu di Malaysia, dan umat Islam di seluruh dunia. Kalau Bendahara Tun Perak dan Laksamana Hang Tuah digambarkan sebagai ICON Melayu di zaman kegemilangan Kesultanan Melayu Melaka, Tun Mahathir pula adalah di antara beberapa ICON Melayu di era pasca-kemerdekaan Persekutuan Tanah Melayu, yang kemudiannya menjadi Malaysia.

Almarhum Dato’ Onn Jaafar juga adalah salah seorang ICON Melayu. Beliaulah yang telah mengambil inisiatif mengumpulkan NGO-NGO Melayu untuk berhimpun di Kampung Baru pada tahun 1946 bagi memobilisasi umat Melayu menentang Malayan Union. Di atas usaha beliau itu, tertubuhlah United Malays National Organisation(UMNO) atau Pertubuhan Kebangsaan Melayu Bersatu(PEKEMBAR) pada 11 Mei 1946 di Istana Johor. Perpaduan umat Melayu di bawah pimpinan Dato’ Onn dan UMNO telah memaksa pentadbiran British membatalkan Malayan Union, dan setelah berunding dengan UMNO dan Raja-Raja Melayu, digantikan dengan Persekutuan Tanah Melayu.

Walaupun jasa Dato’ Onn begitu besar terhadap umat Melayu, umat Melayu tidak akan menukarkan kepentingan jangka-panjang umat Melayu dengan kekaguman mereka terhadap Dato’ Onn. Pada awal 1950an, apabila Dato’ Onn membawa cadangan untuk membuka keahlian UMNO kepada kaum bukan Melayu, buat kali pertama umat Melayu mula mempertikaikan pandangan dan cadangan beliau. Akhirnya Dato’ Onn melepaskan jawatannya sebagai Presiden UMNO, dan menubuhkan sebuah parti berbagai kaum, Independence Malaya Parti(IMP), dan kemudiannya Parti Negara.

Pagi tadi aku terbaca suatu berita di dalam New Straits Times, bertajuk ‘Dr.M: Malay privilages will be phased out’, yang membawa maksud: ‘Dr.M: Hak istimewa Melayu akan dimansukhkan secara beransur-ansur’. Di dalam lapuran berita tersebut, Tun Mahathir ada menyatakan bahawa ‘the crutches would have to go, but only when we are certain that the Malays can compete in the market without them’, yang membawa maksus, ‘tongkat akan dibuang, tetapi hanya setelah kita pasti bahawa Melayu telah mampu bersaing di pasaran terbuka tanpa tongkat tersebut’.

Aku jarang sekali berbeza pendapat dengan Tun Mahathir. Banyak pandangan dan pendapat Tun Mahathir aku sokong lebih dari 100%. Tetapi, di dalam hal berkaitan ‘Hak Istimewa Melayu’ ini, aku memohon ampun kepada ayahanda Tun Mahathir, kerana pendapat aku agak berbeza dengan pendapat beliau di dalam perkara ini. Pertamanya, aku amat tidak bersetuju bila ayahanda Tun Mahathir menggambarkan ‘Hak Istimewa Melayu’ sebagai ‘tongkat’, yang hanya untuk kegunaan sementara, mungkin sebagaimana apabila seseorang mengalami kemalangan dan patah kakinya. Jadi apabila simen yang membalut kaki telah dibuka dan bahagian yang patah sudah sembuh, tongkat tidak diperlukan lagi.

Sebagaimana yang telah pernah aku tulis di dalam blog aku ini suatu masa yang lalu, bagi aku, ‘Hak Istimewa Melayu’ aku ibaratkan sebagai KERIS TAMING SARI, yang pernah dianugerahkan kepada Laksamana Hang Tuah. Keris Taming Sari melambangkan JATIDIRI BANGSA MELAYU, KEKUATAN BANGSA MELAYU, KEDAULATAN BANGSA MELAYU, dan KESEDIAAN BANGSA MELAYU untuk berkorban jiwa raga di dalam mempertahankan TANAH MELAYU tercinta ini.  Tanah Melayu ini adalah WARISAN bangsa Melayu. Oleh itu, umat Melayu berhak mempertahankan ‘Hak Istimewa Melayu’ buat selama-lamanya….Takkan Melayu Hilang Di Dunia…Membujur lalu melintang patah…

Keduanya, bila kita bercakap tentang umat Melayu, kita tidak merujuk kepada individu tertentu, tetapi kepada SELURUH UMAT MELAYU, puluhan juta umat Melayu. Dari puluhan juta umat Melayu tersebut, tidak semua Melayu mencapai kehebatan seperti TS Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhari, TS Rozali Ismail, TS Azman Hashim, dan seumpama mereka. Di setiap zaman, akan sentiasa ada sebilangan umat Melayu yang tetap akan memerlukan ‘Keris Taming Sari’ untuk mendapatkan perlindungan di dalam mengharungi zaman globalisasi yang serba mencabar. Kenapa perlu kita campak keris Taming Sari di tangan? Apakah kita ini masih lagi seperti Pak Kadok yang sedia ditipu untuk menukar ayamnya yang paling jaguh dengan ayam lain yang kurang jaguhnya?

UMNO merestui pemberian status kerakyatan kepada kira-kira 1.5 juta PENDATANG ke Tanah Melayu berdasarkan suatu ‘Social Contract’ di mana kaum pendatang diberikan kewarganegaraan Tanah Melayu  dengan syarat mereka mengiktiraf HAK ISTIMEWA MELAYU. Walaupun sebelum Perlembagaan Persekutuan Tanah Melayu tergubal, terdapat kaum bukan Melayu yang mendesak agar Perlembagaan menghadkan tempoh berkuatkuasa HAK ISTIMEWA MELAYU, UMNO telah menolak desakan tersebut. Sebab itu, di dalam Perlembagaan Persekutuan, tidak ada had atau tempoh masa di dalam hal HAK ISTIMEWA MELAYU.

Tun Mahathir adalah salah seorang pemimpin teragung umat Melayu. Tetapi, ini tidak sekali-kali memberikan beliau ‘lesen’ untuk memutuskan masa depan umat Melayu, sebagaimana ahli-ahli UMNO pernah menolak cadangan Dato’ Onn Jaafar berhubung keahlian UMNO. Kita tidak wajar memperjudikan HAK ISTIMEWA MELAYU untuk mengambil hati kaum bukan Melayu. Jauh sekali kita dari membiarkan HAK ISTIMEWA MELAYU dijadikan ‘barangan tawar menawar’ di dalam sistem demokrasi dan pilihanraya.

HAK  ISTIMEWA MELAYU adalah HAK MUTLAK umat Melayu, bangsa yang telah dianugerahkan Allah swt sebagai penduduk dan pemerintah asal Kepulauan Melayu, termasuk negeri-negeri Tanah Melayu, Persekutuan Tanah Melayu dan Malaysia. Hidup Melayu!!!

Mr Karpal, Malaysia IS NOT a Secular State

August 25, 2012

Besides advocating ‘Malaysian Malaysia’, another form of MALAYAN UNION which was bitterly opposed by the Malays in 1946, DAP  takes pride in portraying themselves as the VANGUARD OF SECULARISM. Among DAP leaders, the most outspoken spokesman for SECULARISM is none other than their National Chairman, Karpal Singh.

Karpal Singh is arguably one of the top lawyers in the country. However, his professional standing as a top lawyer is often compromised by his other role as a politician, as one of DAP top leaders. The whole country, if not the whole world, were witnesses to the ‘world record’ delaying tactics adopted by him in the SODOMY 2 trial of  Anwar Ibrahim, his political ally and leader of  the Pakatan coalition. All these happened about 15 years after Karpal himself disclosed in the Malaysian Parliment, when Anwar was still in the the ruling BN coalition and held the post of  Deputy Prime Minister, that he got in his possession the evidence of Anwar’s involvement in SODOMY 1.

Being what he is, its not surprising when Karpal came out with THE FLIMSIEST of certain isolated courtroom judgements to fabricate arguments that Malaysia is a SECULAR STATE. Only Karpal alone knows that he has been trying to ‘menegak benang basah’, or trying to ‘pull the wool over the eyes’ of rakyat Malaysia on the issue. Had he truly believed in those flimsy arguments, he would have legally challenged the then Prime Minister Tun Mahathir, for introducing the ISLAMISATION POLICY in his administration, his setting up of International Islamic University of Malaysia, Islamic Bank etc, besides  RE-AFFIRMING that Malaysia had always been an Islamic State.

Despite his reputation as a seasoned politician and lawyer, I have strong reasons to suspect that Karpal’s understanding of the term SECULARISM is seriously flawed. I wonder whether Karpal is fully aware that SECULARISM originated from deep-rooted Christian teachings of ‘GIVE TO CEASER WHAT IS CEASER’S, AND TO GOD WHAT IS GOD’S’, which means TOTAL SEPARATION between the earthly political powers from that of heavenly religious beliefs. In other words, religion should be confined to the synagogues, churches and the mosques, and SHOULD NOT INTERFERE in political system, processes and decisions of  a country.

Karpal Singh knows very well that the the spirit and letters of our Federal Constitution were not in line with his WISHFUL THINKINGS. He knows better than millions others that  Article 3 of our Federal Constitution which clearly spells out that “Islam is the religion of the Federation” alone is enough to dispell any notion that Malaysia is a secular state.


December 12, 2010

The term KETUANAN MELAYU appears to be like the sound of DEAFENING THUNDER to some people, that whenever the term is uttered, it makes them pressing their palms firmly against their ears, so as not to allow their EARDRUM to catch the sound of the THUNDEROUS WORD.

Chua Soi Lek, the President of MCA , took an extra step during the BN Convention recently by advocating that certain terms like ‘Ketuanan Melayu’, ‘Pendatang’ and a few other terms considered ‘deregatory’ by the Chinese be made a ‘taboo’, or should not be used at all.

As usual, Chua Soi Lek had good intentions, even when he ‘entertained’ his mistress in the Batu Pahat Hotel. His thought then could be, what’s wrong  to have  a bit of ‘relaxing indulgences’ to regain the much required freshness and energy to further carry out the more important task of serving MCA.

Ever since CSL was defeated by Ong Tee Keat in the earlier MCA Presidential Election, he began to portray himself as a ‘Chinese Champion’ of a sort, by adopting political stands and postures which are normally identified with the chauvanist DAP. He had carved out ‘rebel within the party’ image. Despite that, due to certain national problems linked to Ong Tee Keat, and the re-election process of MCA President which involved a three-cornered fight involving Ong Ka Ting too, besides him and Ong Tee Keat,  resulted into the most UNEXPECTED, Chua Soi Lek became the SURPRISE winner. 

We can understand, its not easy for CSL to immediately switch from his ‘rebel within the party’ image, to that of the leader of the second most powerful party in the BN, the President of MCA, the founding partner of the Alliance Party, and one of the backbones of the BN.

CSL realized that overwhelming majority of his Chinese community have abandoned MCA, as clearly shown in the last GE. As proven by Anwar and Kit Siang, the easiest way to ‘pinch’ Chinese support from the BN was to portray MCA as the ‘yes man of UMNO’, ‘little brother’ of UMNO’ and other demeaning labels, besides portraying UMNO as an ‘anti-Chinese monster’, robbing everything fom the Chinese, to be given to the ‘UMNO elites’.

While being sidelined for over two years by Ong Tee Keat, CSL could probably be taken in by the Anwar-Kit Siang HATE CAMPAIGN against UMNO/BN. And, at a time when MCA was sorting out its leadership crisis, the Anwar-Kit Siang-like  postures adopted by CSL quitely but  slowly gained some following from among the MCA members who were stirred by by the Anwar-Kit Siang HATE CAMPAIGN, and were struggling to find leaders who would stand up for them.

Now, CSL is at the helm of MCA, the second biggest party in the BN.  By proposing that all BN component parties be regarded as EQUAL PARTNERS, many questioned whether CSL, as the new President of MCA,  has fully grasped how BN really works. Looking from the point of view of UMNO members,  BN has to be run like a SDN BHD company or Public-listed companies, rather than as an MCA COOPERATIVE or Koperasi. Major decisions of cooperatives are through their EGM where one member has one vote. Whereas in SDN BHD company or Public-listed companies, the strength of the ‘members’ or directors depend on the number of shares they own in the companies. Obviously its not logical to think of a situation whereby DS Najib, the President of UMNO who represent s over 3 million UMNO members be AT PAR with the Presidebt of a small Sabah-based BN component party having less than fifty thousand members.

In many ways,  BN is run very mush like the United Nations, where there are certain levels  and matrices of powers being exercised, the most powerful being the Security Council. In the actual General Assembly, every member state has only one vote, but without the existence of bodies like the Security Council , with limited number of permanent and temporary members, the UN would not be effective in administrating WORLD PEACE as it is doing now.

CSL knows very well that there is no such term as ‘Ketuanan Melayu’ in any part of our Federal Constitution. So are terms like ‘Social Contract’. YET, the whole letters and spirit of the Federal Constitution gave rise to the accepted terms like ‘Social Contract’ and ‘Ketuanan Melayu’.

The ‘Malay Centredness’ of our Federal Constitution is TOO APPARENT TO DENY. Bahasa Melayu, the language of the Malays was made the NATIONAL LANGUAGE. Islam, the religion of the Malays was made the RELIGION OF THE FEDERATION. Each of the states are headed by MALAY KINGS who collectively appoint the YANG DIPERTUAN AGUNG, the KING OF MALAYSIA. Under our land laws, 50% of land has to be reserved to the MALAYS forever. And, Article 153 of the Federal Constitution clearly spell out SPECIAL POSITION OF MALAYS. 

All the above provisions are allowed for in our Federal Constitution after taking into considerations the POLITICAL HISTORY of the region, where Malays have always been WORLDLY RECOGNISED  as the ETHNIC PEOPLE and ESTABLISHED RULERS of this part of the MALAY ARCHIPELAGO, before any history book was ever written.

‘Ketuanan Melayu’ is not about Malay supremacy over other races. ‘Ketuanan Melayu’ is not about Malays becoming MASTERS and the other races becoming SLAVES, as coined by both Anwar and Kit Siang. ‘Ketuanan Melayu’ is in fact the recognition of the POLITICAL HISTORY of this region where MALAYS were the ORIGINAL INHIBITANTS AND RULERS, and for that reason, the Malays were accorded SPECIAL POSITION in our Federal Constitution.

To deny the realities of ‘Social Contract’, ‘Ketuanan Melayu’, and other related terms, Chua Soi Lek will only make himself, if not his party, IRRELEVANT. During the early years of the Late Lim Chong Yew, MCA used to split apart, when the ‘young turks’ within MCA tried to do exactly what Chua Soi Lek is trying to repeat now. In such difficulties, UMNO proved to be able to stand firm on their history-blessed grounds, and would not hesitate to choose to work with even smaller group of Chinese who uphold the spirits of the SOCIAL CONTRACT agreed upon by the FOUNDING FATHERS of our blessed nation.

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