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FFM – Creating Best Bahasa Melayu Film Catagory a Good Compromise

August 11, 2016

Its a good compromise to create a Bahasa Melayu Best Film catagory, while the Best Film Award is open to all.

Unless our brain has stopped working, its not difficult to understand the spirit of such decision.

A film may be nominated as the Best Bahasa Melayu film….but that does not stop the same film to be nominated for the BEST FILM AWARD.

But, should the best among the Bahasa Melayu films fails to capture the BEST FILM AWARD, the best among the Bahasa Melayu film can still go home with the Best Bahasa Melayu film award.

I do not see this as an ‘insult’ to Bahasa Melayu films…as certain confused people think. In fact, its a clear indication that the Government is taking good care of Bahasa Melayu film industry.



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