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Is PAS Really Serious About Implementing HUDUD?

April 22, 2014

When PAS was a ‘lone-ranger’ party, their STATED OBJECTIVES were to establish their vision of ISLAMIC STATE, the core to it seemed to be the implementation of HUDUD LAWS, understood as a set of Islamic criminal laws relating to a number of offences including THELF/ROBBERY, ADULTERY/SEX OUTSIDE MARRIAGE, DRINKING ALCOHOLIC DRINKS, TREASON AGAINST RULERS etc.

By establishing themselves as the ‘mujahid’ or fighters for the establishment of Islamic State and implementation of Hudud, PAS managed to convince significant number of Muslims that PAS were the true fighters for Islam…and that UMNO were against Islam.

However, doubts were cast about the real intentions of PAS when the party decided to work alongside DAP, a party known to be AGAINST the establishment of Islamic State. In fact DAP has long been the forebearers of SECULARISM, ie seperation between religion and the state matters.

This bring into light the question whether ISLAMIC STATES and HUDUD were only INSTRUMENTS for PAS to garner support from the Malay/Muslim voters.

Had the ISLAMIC STATE and HUDUD been the actual vision and objectives of PAS, the party WOULD NOT and SHOULD NOT work with DAP at the first place…come what may.


Tahniah DS Nazri Tan Sri Aziz, Malaysia Bukan Negara Sekular

October 24, 2012

Suatu masa dahulu aku pernah tertanya-tanya kenapa DS Najib begitu ‘sayang’ kepada DS Nazri Tan Sri Aziz, sehingga mengekalkannya sebagai seorang menteri kabinet. Suatu masa dahulu DS Nazri ada mengeluarkan beberapa kenyataan yang kurang menyenangkan umat Melayu.

TETAPI, pandangan aku terhadap DS Nazri berubah 180% apabila membaca kenyataan dan hujjahnya di Parlimen yang dengan tegas menegaskan bahawa Malaysia BUKAN SEBUAH NEGARA SEKULAR. Di atas ketegasan dan keberanian beliau,  aku dan kita  semua wajar mengangkat topi kepada beliau….tak rugi DS Najib membawanya masuk sebagai anggota kabinet….DS Nazri memang ada keistimewaan tertentu.

Aku terlalu sibuk hari ini untuk mengikuti perkembangan berikutnya, apakah Karpal Singh akan muncul untuk mematahkan hujah-hujah DS Nazri, Menteri Di Jabatan Perdana Menteri. Aku percaya, kenyataan tegas DS Nazri akan membuatkan Karpal Singh dan pemimpin-pemimpin DAP lain, malah Anwar Ibrahim terduduk, kalau pun tidak menyebabkan mereka jatuh sasau.

Hujah DS Nazri amat simple, tetapi amat berkesan….tidak ada sepatah pun perkataan ‘sekular’ tercatit di dalam Perlembagaan Persekutuan.

Sedangkan Perkara 3(a) Perlembagaan dengan jelas menyatakan bahawa ‘Ugama Islam ialah ugama bagi Persekutuan…’, dan Perkara 3(b) pula menyatakan kedudukan Raja-Raja Melayu sebagai ‘Ketua ugama Islam’ di negeri masing-masing, sementara ketua ugama Islam bagi negeri-negeri yang tidak beraja ialah Yang Dipertuan Agung. Malah terdapat banyak lagi peruntukan-peruntukan di dalam Perlembagaan Persekutuan yang meletakkan Islam pada suatu ‘maqam’ istimewa di dalam sistem kenegaraan Malaysia.

Jelas sekali, Islam merupakan salah satu ‘corner stone’ di dalam ‘pembinaan’ negara kita. Sedangkan sebuah negara sekular memisahkan antara agama dan politik, sebagaimana diidamkan oleh KAFIR DAP.

Tahniah DS Nazri, dan boss beliau DS Najib, di atas ketegasan di dalam mempertahankan ‘kedudukan istimewa Islam’ di dalam negara kita. Sebagaimana telah ditegaskan oleh Tun Dr Mahathir semasa beliau masih Perdana Menteri, MALAYSIA ADALAH SEBUAH NEGARA ISLAM.

Mr Karpal, Malaysia IS NOT a Secular State

August 25, 2012

Besides advocating ‘Malaysian Malaysia’, another form of MALAYAN UNION which was bitterly opposed by the Malays in 1946, DAP  takes pride in portraying themselves as the VANGUARD OF SECULARISM. Among DAP leaders, the most outspoken spokesman for SECULARISM is none other than their National Chairman, Karpal Singh.

Karpal Singh is arguably one of the top lawyers in the country. However, his professional standing as a top lawyer is often compromised by his other role as a politician, as one of DAP top leaders. The whole country, if not the whole world, were witnesses to the ‘world record’ delaying tactics adopted by him in the SODOMY 2 trial of  Anwar Ibrahim, his political ally and leader of  the Pakatan coalition. All these happened about 15 years after Karpal himself disclosed in the Malaysian Parliment, when Anwar was still in the the ruling BN coalition and held the post of  Deputy Prime Minister, that he got in his possession the evidence of Anwar’s involvement in SODOMY 1.

Being what he is, its not surprising when Karpal came out with THE FLIMSIEST of certain isolated courtroom judgements to fabricate arguments that Malaysia is a SECULAR STATE. Only Karpal alone knows that he has been trying to ‘menegak benang basah’, or trying to ‘pull the wool over the eyes’ of rakyat Malaysia on the issue. Had he truly believed in those flimsy arguments, he would have legally challenged the then Prime Minister Tun Mahathir, for introducing the ISLAMISATION POLICY in his administration, his setting up of International Islamic University of Malaysia, Islamic Bank etc, besides  RE-AFFIRMING that Malaysia had always been an Islamic State.

Despite his reputation as a seasoned politician and lawyer, I have strong reasons to suspect that Karpal’s understanding of the term SECULARISM is seriously flawed. I wonder whether Karpal is fully aware that SECULARISM originated from deep-rooted Christian teachings of ‘GIVE TO CEASER WHAT IS CEASER’S, AND TO GOD WHAT IS GOD’S’, which means TOTAL SEPARATION between the earthly political powers from that of heavenly religious beliefs. In other words, religion should be confined to the synagogues, churches and the mosques, and SHOULD NOT INTERFERE in political system, processes and decisions of  a country.

Karpal Singh knows very well that the the spirit and letters of our Federal Constitution were not in line with his WISHFUL THINKINGS. He knows better than millions others that  Article 3 of our Federal Constitution which clearly spells out that “Islam is the religion of the Federation” alone is enough to dispell any notion that Malaysia is a secular state.

Malaysia IS ALREADY an Islamic State, What DAP and PAS Are Arguing About?

August 23, 2012

It has been a busy Hari Raya schedule for me, that I did not even have time to glance at political blogs for the past few days. May I take this opportunity to wish all Muslims world over a very triumphant EID MUBAARAK, in Bahasa Melayu, the national language of Malaysia,  SELAMAT HARI RAYA.

During the peak period of festivities, it appeared that the never-ending argument between DAP and PAS on the subject of ISLAMIC STATE and HUDUD LAWS has taken the centre stage again. DAP’s National Chairman, Karpal Singh, RE-AFFIRMED the party’s long-held opposition against the ISLAMIC STATE and HUDUD LAWS, whilst PAS trying to convince their followers that the implementation of ISLAMIC STATE and HUDUD LAWS remains part and parcel of PAS’s political struggles.

Its VERY STRANGE that DAP is talking about opposing the establishment of ISLAMIC STATE and implementation of HUDUD, and PAS talking about establishing ISLAMIC STATE and implementation of HUDUD, when Malaysia IS ALREADY an Islamic State…with HUDUD yet to be implemented.

Regardless of what DAP and PAS think, as far as UMNO, Malays/Muslims are concerned, Malaysia IS ALREADY an Islamic State, and no ‘court-room arguments’ will change that.

DAP Exposed GREEN LIES Of Ketua Pemuda PAS Regarding HUDUD

July 28, 2012

The increasingly popular news daily, SINAR HARIAN, organised another political debate recently, this time fielding the Youth Wing Chief(Ketua Pemuda) of PAS, Nasrudin Hasan Tantawi, against the equally-increasingly popular pro-UMNO young Islamic scholar, Fathul Bari.

What baffled most people who kept track of the debate was the GREEN LIES made by the Ketua Pemuda PAS that DAP, including their National Chairman, Karpal Singh, have ‘agreed’ to discuss the implementation of HUDUD, the Islamic criminal laws. In front of the life audience, he confidently claimed that Karpal Singh’s famous quote ‘over my dead bodies before implementation of HUDUD’ was things of the past…things of 20 years ago.

It must be utterly embarrassing for Ketua Pemuda PAS that his statement was immediately refuted by Karpal Singh, the National Chairman of DAP, and his Deputy Chairman,Dr. Tan Seng Giaw. According to Karpal, he has never changed his long-held stand on opposing the HUDUD.

Its surprising that even Ketua Pemuda of PAS is not aware(…is he really not aware?) that Karpal Singh and DAP have not compromised an inch on the issue. Does it then mean that PAS has taken the route of working with DAP on a misunderstood premise…that DAP is going to co-operate with PAS to implement HUDUD???

Obviously, the top leadership of PAS have been hiding certain facts of their political ‘tahalluf siasiyy’ from their rank-and-file leaders and members. They are still giving impression to their rank-and-file that their struggle is still for Islam and implementation of HUDUD, and that DAP would go along with them to implement it….

PAS’s Hudud Dilema

May 16, 2012

There is nothing new about spat of exchanges between Hj Hadi, the President of PAS, and Karpal Singh, the Chairman of DAP, over the last few days, over the HUDUD LAWS issue.

In the run up to the 12th General Election(GE) in March 2008, PAS made a MOST SURPRISED move in their party history by agreeing to DAP and PKR, to set aside their objectives of setting up an Islamic State and implementing the HUDUD laws, to fulfil the condition imposed by the DAP,  to form a loose coalition called BARISAN ALTERNATIVE(BA), which was later changed to Pakatan Rakyat(Pakatan), and contest the GE with common manifesto. Despite the GIGANTIC ‘sacrifice’ by PAS, very few PAS members were fully aware of the implications of the move….that PAS had abandoned their long-held political struggle to establish an Islamic State in Malaysia, where HUDUD laws are applied.

Many Malay/Muslim political observers were left wondering where PAS was heading to. The main reason for their fight against UMNO, and split the Malays/Muslims all these years was their CLAIM that UMNO were against Islam and had become obstacles to their objectives of setting up an Islamic State and implementation of HUDUD laws. They were left wondering how would PAS achieve those objectives by joining DAP and PKR in Pakatan. DAP has long been known for its staunch SECULARIST stands, ie. against bringing in religion into politics or government.  The political observers could not help to wish PAS ‘all the best in  their political endevours’, but deep in their hearts, they knew that the move will gradually erode the support enjoyed by PAS among the Muslims who would like to see the reality of  an ‘Islamic Caliphate’ ruling a modern nation.

No doubt, PAS  are in real DILEMA. If they insist on their Islamic State and HUDUD laws agenda, their Pakatan ‘marriage of convenience’ with DAP may face immediate rupture. DAP used to leave the BA prior to 2004 GE, after PAS tabled the HUDUD laws in Kelantan and Trengganu after the 1999 GE. Co-incidently, both PKR and PAS lost badly in the 2004 GE – PAS lost Trengganu to BN, while PKR only managed to maintain a solitary parlimentary representation in Parliment. It looked like without the support of DAP, both PKR and PAS failed miserably in elections.

However, if PAS were to set aside, or even freeze, its Islamic State and HUDUD laws agenda, their leaders would be accused of ‘selling Islam for the sake of political power’. Such perception among the Malays/Muslims would be ‘political suicide’ for PAS. For years, PAS had been riding on the TIDES OF ISLAMIC RE-SURGENCE, in the same way a surfer has to ride on waves to keep above the water. Without the Islamic State and HUDUD laws agenda, PAS will ‘go down the drain’, in the same way a surfer would have to plunge into water once the wind and waves are gone.

However, PAS would not be in such dilema, had they been honest in their struggle for the sake of Islam and Allah swt.



August 8, 2011

A few months before the last GE, PAS had changed its SLOGAN from ‘Membangun Bersama Islam’ to ‘PAS For All’. The slogan ‘PAS For All’ appeared to run parrallel with PAS’s other move to freez, if not abandon, their long-held objectives of establishing ISLAMIC STATE and IMPLEMENTING HUDUD LAWS in Malaysia.

PAS’s change of slogan and objectives proved to be ‘positive points’ for PAS in the last GE. The decisions had transformed PAS into a MODERATE party….acceptable to DAP, the flag-bearer of SECULARISM in Malaysia, an ideology of separating ‘religious matters’ from that of  ‘administration of state matters’.

What surprised most Malays/Muslims is the fact that PAS has virtually transformed itself BEYOND ALL EXPECTATIONS. The party who used to champion ENJOINING GOODNESS AND FORBIDDING EVILS have turned the opposite way… PAS is seen more as a party championing ENJOINING EVILS AND FORBIDDING GOODNESS.

During the early part of PKR/DAP-dominated rule in Selangor, the then PAS party chief of Selangor, Dr Hassan Ali, who is the Selangor State EXCO in-charge of Islamic/Malay Affairs Customes Affairs, was REPRIMANDED by the party’s Disciplinary Sub-Committe,  for opposing the sales of liqour in certain overwhelming Muslims/Malays majority areas of Shah Alam.

While, in the STILL HOT case of ‘raid’ by JAIS officials on a dinner function believed to be attended by certain number of Muslims in Methodist Church of Damansara Utama, PAS Central Committee are again seen not to support Dr Hassan’s action of openly supporting JAIS officials’ actions.

Obviously, PAS has transformed itself far far beyond any expectation of Malays/Muslims. Its only fitting for PAS to change its slogan again….from ‘PAS For All’… ‘PAS For DAP’…

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