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Jeff Ooi – Let there be peace?

September 19, 2016

Whenever people offer condolences relating to the passing away of a soul, the most common phrase used is ‘Rest in peace'(RIP).

What was in the RUSTY mind of Jeff Ooi when he changed the phrase to ‘let there be peace’?

The most PROVOCATIVE phrase is not the term ‘adios’, but the phrase ‘let there be peace’.

Jeff Ooi is very good in his understanding of English. He knows perfectly well that when the phrase ‘let there be peace’ is used in a wish of condo lence to a dead person, it means without the dead person, the world he leaves behind will be in peace.

In other words, Jeff Ooi is implying that Datuk Dr Harun Din had been a cause of disunity, anarchy, chaos and even conflict in the country.

Do not try to hide behind your fingers BRAINLESS Jeff Ooi!!


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