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Understanding CAUSES of Racial Tension in Malaysia

October 17, 2015

I’m not a medical doctor. But I’ve seen enough doctors to understand the difference between SYMPTOMS, SICKNESS, CAUSES and PRESCRIPTIONS.

RACIAL TENSION is the sickness. SYMPTOMS of the RACIAL TENSION sickness include:

  1. Bersih 4.0 rally organised on the eve of this year’s Merdeka Day celebrations, attended by about 100,000 participants, 80% of whom were Malaysian Chinese. The rally unveiled intense hatred among Chinese youths against Malay political leaders, which was symbolised by their acts of stamping their feet on photos of DS Najib Tun Razak, the country’s Prime Minister and UMNO President, and DS Hadi Awang, the President of PAS.
  2. Red Shirts rally organised on 16th September, the Malaysia Day, attended by about 200,000 participants, almost 100% of whom were Malays. Certain section of the Red Shirts rally attempted to ‘storm’ into Petaling Street, also known as ‘Chinatown of Kuala Lumpur’.
  3. Following the two rallies, there were FLURRY OF RACIALLY-CHARGED statements by leaders and bloggers of both sides…each describing the other as RACISTS.

These are all SYMPTOMS, not the CAUSES of the racial tension.

Back to the analogy of a doctor, the doctor has to know the CAUSES of certain disease or sickness, to enable him/her to prescribe the right medicine…to cure the sickness.

Our politicians on both sides of political divide keeps on talking about SYMPTOMS…about stamping on photos of Malay politicians…about Red Shirts attempt to storm Petaling Street….about placards calling abolishing of SJKC….about a deputy minister wanting to ‘lempang’ the Chinese…and such likes.

But what actually triggered all such acts?

Our forefathers, representing all major races, back in early 1950s, had reached certain understandings and agreements, in laying the FOUNDATIONS of the would be independent Persekutuan Tanah Melayu, including formulating the country’s FEDERAL CONSTITUTION. The formulated FEDERAL CONSTITUTION became the embodiment of those understandings and agreements. One of the key agreements  was called the SOCIAL CONTRACT, or can be more accurately described as CITIZENSHIP AGREEMENT.

By the CITIZENSHIP AGREEMENT, over 1.2 million immigrant Chinese nationals, and over 0.3 million immigrant Indian nationals, were conferred citizenship of Persekutuan Tanah Melayu, in return for them recognizing the SPECIAL POSITION of the Malays as the original inhabitants and political rulers of Tanah Melayu states, which were part of the bigger Malay Archipilago. This explains certain Malay-centredness of the formulated Federal Constitution.

However, as decades passed by, the younger generation are beginning to be detached from the history of foundation of Persekutuan Tanah Melayu, and later Malaysia. Worse still, Chinese-centred political parties like DAP, since its formation, have been drumming the MALAYSIAN MALAYSIA concept…which directly or indirectly call for the abolition of the Malays/Non-Malays and Bumiputra/Non-bumiputra divide.

Such CALLS and DEMANDS by DAP is indeed a major CAUSE of racial tension in this country.

Had DAP and their Chinese supporters accepted the terms of SOCIAL CONTRACT or the CITIZENSHIP AGREEMENT, the Malays would not have any complain at all. Despite the Chinese dominating the economic sector of the country, the Malays have nothing against it. The Malays can accept that whoever works harder deserve to be better rewarded.

I really hope my writing will be analysed and studied by leaders and followers of DAP, Gerakan, MCA and other Chinese-based parties, and NGOs too.

Lets not discuss the SYMPTOMS, but lets honestly find out the actual CAUSES of ‘diseases’ which are impacting us. Then only, we will find the RIGHT PRESCRIPTION.


HAMAS Caught the HEARTS of Malays/Muslims in Malaysia

January 25, 2013

Whilst Muslims in Malaysia were busy preparing for yesterday’s celebrations to commemorate the auspicious  birth-date of our beloved Prophet Muhammad s.a.w., the Final Messenger of Allah, our beloved Prime Minister DS Najib gave us a pleasant surprise by appearing in the war-ravaged Gaza Strip accompanied by the HAMAS Palestinian Prime Minister, Ismail Haniyeh.

Many Muslims shed tears, in both pride and joy, witnessing  our PM moving around SIGHTS OF UTTER DESTRUCTIONS caused by the Israeli bombings in the recent skirmishes between the HAMAS-led Palestinian resistance, and the Israeli air-force. We were also MOVED  by the sights of our PM shaking hands with ordinary Palestinians along the streets of Gaza City, even holding the young son of the martyred commander of HAMAS military wing.  Apart from the CHILDISH COMMENTS by the  Ketua Pemuda PAS, the Muslims in Malaysia by and large were much ‘elevated’ by the bold move by our PM. Our PM seems to understand our wishes that we would like to convey our WHOLE-HEARTED support for the Palestinians in defending their rights.

Not many will disagree that HAMAS-led Palestinian resistance in Gaza has caught our imagination, and caught our hearts too. In the past, we only witnessed Palestinian youths throwing stones at Israeli soldiers. But, in the latest ‘mini-war’ between HAMAS and the Israelis, the whole world witnessed for the first time HAMAS’s capability to cause fear in the hearts of the Israelis when their rockets and missiles managed to penetrate Israeli’s DOME DEFENSES to reach the outskirt of Tel Eviv, the Israeli capital city.

There is so much we can learn from HAMAS. Not all territorial subjugation and colonisation can be settled by peaceful means. In the case of the Israelis, they have subjugated and enslaved the Palestinians for far too long. Before the birth of HAMAS, Palestinians appeared to be HELPLESS compared to the mights of Israelis military and air-force. However,  now, the RESOLUTENESS of the HAMAS-led Palestinians and certain improvement in their war machines, can more than match the USA-supplied war-machines and the ARROGANCE of the  Israelis.

There might be times when Malays/Muslims in Malaysia may have to adopt HAMAS-styled ‘methodologies’ to protect their TRADITIONAL RIGHTS in their ANCESTORAL LANDS, when other means fail.

Congratulation to DS Najib!! Congratulation to HAMAS!! Congratulations to brave people of Palestine!!

Ethnic Integration ala-Singapore….

May 15, 2011

In my quest to understand Singapore’s electoral systems, I came across a very CUNNING piece of ‘social integration’ policy practiced in Singapore which is known as the ETHNIC QUOTA SYSTEM in housing.

On the surface, the policy appears to have good intentions, to integrate all the ethnic groups of Singapore into living together,  to avoid RACIAL ENCLAVES, and to achieve a ‘balanced ethnic mix’ in residential neighborhood and even in  blocks of residential flats. The ‘balanced ethnic mix’ is determined to reflect the composition  of Singapore population, ie. 80% Chines, 15% Malays and 5% Indians and others.

Under the policy, the allocation and sale of public housing is based on a quota system reflective of the above racial composition of Singapore population. Meaning, in every neighborhood and every block of flats, about 80% of the units should be owned or rented by the majority Chinese, 15% by the Malays and 5% by the Indian and others.

The obvious result of the ‘social integration’ policy would be to make the Chinese, the ruling race in Singapore, the OVERWHELMING MAJORITY in every neighborhood and every block of flat in Singapore. The Malays and the Indians will have to live as MINORITIES in each and every neighborhood and even every block of flat.

Unlike in other countries like the USA, Australia and Canada, which allow CONCENTRATIONS of certain minority races in certain part of a city or a town, like the CHINA TOWNS, we would not be able to find a MALAY VILLAGE or LITTLE INDIA in Singapore.

In the eye of the ruling Singapore Government, a ‘balanced ethnic mix’ is only achieved when the minority races remain MINORITY in each and every neighborhood, with the Chinese making up 80% of the residents. This is ‘social integration’ ala-Singapore.

Storm in the Cup Over ‘1Melayu, 1Bumi’

April 28, 2011

Unlike in the USA where they have to endure TYPHOONS and HURRICANES, in Malaysia, at worst, we have to only try to stay calm when ‘Storm in the cup’ SHAKES THE NATION.

Our country has been so PEACEFUL for over 50 years since our independence, that even a ‘storm in the cup’ may SHAKE THE NATION. The latest FUROR was the proposal by an editor of the UMNO-linked Utusan Malaysia advocating ‘1Melayu, 1Bumi’ movement in the aftermath of the almost clean sweep by the Chinese-based of Chinese-majority urban seats in the recent Sarawak state election.

The initial sign of storm came when the Chinese-based senior partner in the ruling BN, MCA, called for the BOYCOTT of Utusan Malaysia. In retaliation, several Malay NGOs staged demonstrations in front of both MCA and DAP KL offices, to protest against their PROVOCATIVE GESTURES against the Utusan Malaysia, long seen as the VOICE OF THE MALAYS.

Putting RACIAL PREJUDICES aside, one wonders what’s really so wrong with the advocation of ‘1Melayu, 1Bumiputra’ movement should it be taken up at all. Afterall, ‘1Melayu’ only means ‘UNITED MALAYS’, while ‘1Bumi’ simply means ‘UNITED BUMIPUTRAS’. On the same token, ‘1Malaysia’ advocated by the Malaysian PM Najib means ‘UNITED MALAYSIA’.

Infact, in 1946, when the Malays decided to be UNITED to face up to the MALAYAN UNION, which the Chinese-based DAP has re-phrased it as MALAYSIAN MALAYSIA, they formed a party called UNITED MALAYS NATIONAL ORGANISATION(UMNO). UNITED MALAYS, in Najib’s era, is what ‘1Melayu’ is all about. Infact the Alliance Party was the getting together of UNITED MALAYS(UMNO)), UNITED CHINESE(MCA) and UNITED INDIANS(MIC). And with 13 other parties coming in, it has become the BN, the UNITED MALAYSIA ‘1Malaysia’ party.

That being the case, why are the Chinese-based parties including MCA and DAP so sensitive about the advocation of ‘1Malays, 1Bumi’ movement? Is it wrong for the Malays to be UNITED under ‘1Melayu’, and the Bumis to be UNITED under ‘1Bumi’? Afterall, our country’s has shown BEYOND DOUBT, that, the UNITY OF MALAYS, in Najib’s era called ‘1Melayu’ has contributed a great deal to the PEACE, STABILITY and PROSPERITY of the country.

So, what’s wrong with ‘1Melayu, 1Bumi’….as long as all the races are united again under 1Malaysia, or MALAYSIA UNITED. And, please….no more ‘storm in the cup’.

Will Sarawak Chinese Dance To RACIAL MUSIC of DAP?

April 15, 2011

Sarawak has been the ‘CENTRE’ of Malaysia, ever since its State Assembly was dissolved a few weeks ago, to make way for the 10th Sarawak State Election, which will take place tomorrow.

Sarawak is not only the largest state in Malaysia, but its also one of the MOST COLOURFUL states with over 40 ethnic groupings, the bigger ones being the Iban(30%), Melayu/Melanau(27%), Chinese(26%).

Apart from the Chinese, all other ethnic groupings are INDIGENOUS, or BUMIPUTRA of Sarawak. Meaning, the BUMIPUTRAS make up 74% of the population, and voters in Sarawak.

Like any other parts of Malaysia, the Chinese are the WEALTHIEST GROUPING in Sarawak, dominating trades, businesses  and commerce, including the lucrative TIMBER CONCESSIONS and EXPORTS business. The political stability of Sarawak has allowed the state to develop and prosper, and the Chinese has been the BIGGEST BENEFICIARIES of the stability and prosperity.

However, the BUMIPUTRAS including the Ibans, Malays, Melanaus, Bedayuhs and others, are catching up very fast, thanks to the AFFIRMATIVE ACTIONS like the DEB, which have allowed them to compete with the Chinese on a more levelled play-ground. Without the AFFIRMATIVE ACTIONS policies like the DEB, the INDIGENOUS ethnic groupings would have been overwhelmed by the Chinese, who have been more advanced and sophisticated in trades and businesses….they would have fared worse than the INDIGENOUS GROUPINGS in Kalimantan, Indonesia. In Indonesia, the 5% Chinese population is controlling over 90% of the country’s economy, forcing MILLIONS of their INDIGENOUS population, male and female,  to ‘cari makan’ in other countries including Malaysia.

The past one week witnessed how agressive DAP is in trying to win over the support of the Chinese in Chinese-majority urban constituencies. DAP’s ‘Malaysian Malaysia’ seek to abolish any race-related policies like the DEB, and seek to provide ‘equal opportunity’ for all.

The BIG QUESTION  is,  will ‘equal opportunity’ ensure  FAIR DISTRIBUTION of wealth accross the multi-ethnic population. How to ensure that the MORE ADVANCED Chinese in the field of trades and business will not dominate and overwhelm the others, like in the game of MONOPOLY, where the RICH WILL GET RICHER and the POOR GETS POORER.

Majority of Chinese voters may be driven to dance to DAP’s musics. Why not we follow the path of ‘equal opportunity’  in all aspects of life, when the Chinese will surely dominate and overwhelm the others? Why should we care about the Malays, the Melanaus, the Ibans, the Bedayuhs, and others? Why not we compete on the basis of MERITOCRACY…where the best will win…and the winners will take all!!!

This is the question the Chinese voters will have to answer by tomorrow…to dance to the RACIAL MUSICS of DAP and surge forward infront of all others in grabbing the country’s wealth, all for themselves…or to look right and left, and share the country’s cakes with the others, especially the smaller  and helpless INDIGENOUS groupings and tribes.

Until today, all the INDIGENOUS GROUPINGS are only shielded and protected, by the benovalent AFFIRMATIVE ACTIONS policies of the BN Government…..against the TYRANNY OF GREEDINESS.

Will the Sarawak Chinese BREAKAWAY and SURGE AWAY from the remaining 74% of the population, in their quest for wealth and prosperity..all  for themselves??

REAL CULPRITS In Creating Racial Tension

February 19, 2011

My latest article before this was entitled ‘Highly-Racially-Charged 2010’, after which I have not written much in this blog, but was compelled to gauge the outside world by debating in other blogs, mainly the pro-opposition blogs.

Today, when I descended into one of my favourite ‘playgrounds’, the MT People’s Portal, I came accross many CUT&PASTE post, some even by writers from outside Malaysia, who subscribe to the perception that the present UMNO/BN Government is the party playing the RACIAL CARD for its survival.

Having read all the INTERNATIONAL RUBBISH being served there, I have a few brief comments to make:

1. Malays will never encroach into the Chinese’s RIGHTS to run businesses, to run banks, to become millionaires and even billionaires. And Malays would not mind the Chinese playing SECOND FIDDLE(in film industry, they call it supporting actors) to Malays in politics. However, Malays will never accept the Chinese trying to ‘divide and rule’ the Malays, in order to be KING-MAKER’ like what DAP is trying to do.

2. Its a FALLACY that the 153-related policies only benefited certain ‘Malay elites’ close to UMNO. Those policies have benefitted the Malays ACCROSS THE BOARD. Access to tertiary education has allowed MOST Malay families to have at least one or two of their siblings graduating from IPTAs and secured good jobs. Who benefited? Their families in the kampungs benefitted. Its a NATURAL TENDENCY that successful Malay-owned companies would employ Malay managers, technocrats, accountants and floor workers. That’s how WEALTH is distributed down.

 3. RACIAL TENSIONS are quite new phenomenon in Malaysia. For over 50 years, Malaysians were living by and large, in PEACE and HARMONY. The present ATMOSPHERE OF RACIAL TENSION only started in the run-up to 2008 GE. Many still do not realize that it was THE OPPOSITION who started playing the RACE CARDS, to provide life-line to political survival of Anwar Ibrahim, with the support of DAP, who took advantage of Anwar’s predicaments. Anwar was the one proclaimed that UMNO have been discriminating the Chinese, and he was the one who promised the Chinese to abolish policies like NEP….all in order to get Chinese votes for himself, to salvage his political career.

 4. Anwar-Kit Siang HATE CAMPAIGN against UMNO managed to stir up Chinese voters. With the timely emergence of Hindraf, claiming that UMNO was involved in ethnic cleansing against the Indians, Pakatan made some gains in 2008 GE, giving further hopes to the Chinese…the time has come to push aside terms of SOCIAL CONTRACT.

5. Sensing that the Chinese are beginning to ‘naik kepala’ by beginning to questions TERMS OF THE SOCIAL CONTRACT, provisions and policies related to the SPECIAL POSITION OF MALAYS/BUMIPUTRAS, MALAY RIGHTS NGOs began to emerge, includingl. No doubt, their emergence increase the tension further.

However, lets not forget that, the present HIGHLY-RACIALLY-CHARGED Malaysia is the results of ‘pakatan’ Anwar-Kit Siang, hatched in the run-up to the 2008 GE, rather than being planned or started by the UMNO/BN Government or the Malay NGOs.

Highly Racially-charged 2010

January 1, 2011

The eventful year 2010 just left us. To all faithful visitors and contributers to Warisan Tanah Melayu Kita, I wish all of you a VERY HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR.

The end of 2010 marked the half-way mark of our current parlimentary 5-year  term. The opposition parties are beginning to be watchful of a possible snap-GE being called by the ruling BN.

Throughout 2010, the BN coalition were seen to be consolidating their hold on the public confidence. Under the new ‘nakhoda’ DS Najib Tun Razak, UMNO is back to their true strength. Leadership crisis in the second biggest partner in the BN coalition, MCA, has been resolved, and MCA appeared to be back on track. MIC witnessed the change-over of presidency, when DS Samy Vellu finally decided to pass the baton to his deputy, G Palanivel. In Sarawak, TS Taib Mahmud’s leadership of PBB was given fresh mandate, in preparation of the coming state election. In Sabah, BN coalitions led by UMNO remained as strong as ever. All seemed to have worked well for the BN.

On the other side of the political divide, PR loose coalition consisting of PKR, DAP and PAS looked SHAKY to say the least. Their supposed to be SINGLE-PARTY Pakatan Rakyat(PR) coalition had not been registered. Their supposed to be SHADOW CABINET had not been formed. And long list of their GE 2008 promises had not been fulfilled, especially in Selangor, where several cases of corruption and misuse of power were beginning erase public confidence in the capability and integrity of the PR coalition.

Worse for the PR coalition, their ‘double-sided tape’ partner holding DAP and PAS, the PKR under DS Anwar Ibrahim were facing their biggest threat of DISINTEGRATION. Their one-member-one-vote  system of electing divisional and national leaders revealed their TRUE WEAKNESS, when less than 10% of their claimed 400,000 members were involved in the divisional and national leadership elections, which were marred by wide-spread unfair practices and even ugly scenes of fighting and chairs-throwing. The mass dissatisfactions led to the withdrawal of one of the candidates for deputy presidency, Dato’ Zaid Ibrahim, and his eventual exit from the party. With more and more of their MPs, state assemblymen, leaders and members leaving the party, PKR ended the year in a state of ‘retak menanti belah’.

However, many would remember 2010 as one of the MOST  VOLATILE years where INTER- RACIAL RELATION was concerned. Highly-charged racial issues kept popping up, sending groups of demonstrators from both sides of the political divide onto the streets, sometimes almost resulting into street battles. Situations remenicient of those resulting into the Mei 1969 racial riots appeared, was sending the nation into UNCERTAIN FUTURE.

The rising racial tension brought about the birth and EMERGENCE of a Malay Rights NGO, Perkasa, which have become a new force in Malaysian politics. Perkasa’s effectiveness in defending MALAY RIGHTS issues had caught the imagination of the Malays on the streets, to the extent that, at times, Perkasa was seen as MORE VOCAL than UMNO itself in defending the Malay Rights, when the non-Malays/non-bumiputras began to OPENLY question certain agreed FOUNDATIONS of our nations,  like the SPECIAL POSITION OF MALAYS AND BUMIPUTRAS, the SOCIAL CONTRACT among major races, Ketuanan Melayu and such like.

However, DS Najib Tun Razak, the President of UMNO, skillfully re-assured the Malays during the year end UMNO General Assembly, that UMNO would remain the FLAGSHIP among Malays political parties and NGOs in the defense of the MALAY RIGHTS. During his policy speech, he went as far as ASSURING the UMNO members and the Malays at large that ALL ARTICLES related to Malay Rights in the Federal Constitution has been SECURELY SOLDERED permanently and would not  be removed  by any Government, even by over two-third majority, without the approval of Raja-Raja Melayu themselves.

DS Najib’s RE-ASSURING speech appeared to have re-stored the confidence of the Malays in UMNO, the party which were set up by over 40 Malay NGOs way back in 1946, as a platform for the Malays to fight off the British-imposed MALAYAN UNION, which would have put the Malays on the same footing as the FORMER IMMIGRANTS from China and India, brought in by the British in 19th and 20th centuries to the Malay states, to work in TIN MINES and RUBBER ESTATES.

However, 2010 ended well for the nation. The success of Malaysian young ‘tigers’ in securing a place in the semi-final of the AFF Suzuki Cup football competition against the reigning champions Vietnam appeared to have  given the ‘tonic’ which brought the nation together in re-newed fervour of PATRIOTISM and PRIDE for the country. 

The success in defeating Vietnam in the semi-finals was followed by them THRASHING the Indonesian ‘garuda’ team 3-0 in the first-leg of the FINAL in National Stadium Bukit Jalil, which were filled up ‘to the ream’ by over 90,000 local supporters. And the ‘hospitality Indonesia-styled’ accorded to our young team in the second-leg FINAL in Jakarta had UNITED the hearts and minds of Malaysians. The team were denied their much needed pre-match training due to securuty reasons, and on the match day, our players were ferried to the Gelora Bung Karno Stadium in MILITARY ARMOURED CARRIERS.

However, the spirit of MALAYSIA BOLEH built into our Malaysian players saw them through as the UNDISPUTED FOOTBALL CHAMPIONS of the ASEAN.

Politically, 2010 was a  HIGHLY RACIALLY-CHARGED year. Yet, sports appeared to have bounded the nation together, where politics failed. For now, sayonara 2010.

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