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Ustaz Nasha is Influencial Enough To Form a New Party

August 31, 2012

Ustaz Nasharuddin, used to be the General Secretary of PAS, before being voted as the Deputy President of PAS. However, in the latest PAS General Assembly, he lost the post to Mat Sabu in a three-cornered fight.

For the past one week, Ustaz Nasha has been a ‘toast’ of the country’s newspapers, first by accompanying  DS Najib in a meeting with a group of Saudi ulamas in Macca, which had infuriated PAS top leaders including Nik Aziz and Hj. Hadi. To cover his frustration, Nik Aziz reminded his audience that even a former President of PAS, the late Datuk Hj Muhammad Asri  also crossed over to UMNO. Hj Hadi on the other hand offered Ustaz Nasha to UMNO, after all, according to him, Ustaz Nasha is no longer influential among the grassroot in the party. Despite that, he is not taking the responsibility to determine the future of Ustaz Nasha, instead leaving the matter to Dewan Ulama PAS to make certain decision.

If Ustaz Nasha has lost his influence in the party, why both Nik Aziz and Hj Hadi are so scared to make decisions on Ustaz Nasha, as they did against Dr Hassan Ali? The answer is simple. There have been cautious calls by certain key leaders within PAS that the party still need him….rather than he needs the party. Such calls came from influential members of Dewan Ulama PAS like Dr Harun Din, and even from the Chairman of the Dewan Ulama, Ustaz Harun Taib.

Despite those cautious calls, with Anwar-controlled Nik Aziz still in full grip of the party, it looks more likely that Ustaz Nasha will be humiliated in the same way Dr Hassan Ali was. Nik Aziz and Anwar Ibrahim do not want to be embarrassed anymore by  UMNO-friendly leaders within PAS. Nik Aziz and Anwar Ibrahim would not mind losing 10-20% of support among PAS members, as long as their egos are not compromised.

Ustaz Nasha knows exactly what he stands for. He does not need PAS, as much as PAS needs people like him. He knows that PAS has changed for the worse. PAS is no longer defenders of Islam. PAS has become irrelevance. As Dr Hassan Ali has found out, PAS’s direction now is dictated by ‘Anwar-friendly parasites’.

Its time for Ustaz Nasha to leave PAS, well before he is technically sacked by PAS. Ustaz Nasha is not a small fry in PAS. Ustaz Nasha is influencial enough even to set up a new party, perhaps with the support of people like Dr Hassan Ali, to provide the platform for PAS members who have become disillusioned by present leadership of PAS.


UMNO’s Glorious 66th Birthday

May 12, 2012

United Malays National Organisation(UMNO) was formed by 43 Malay NGOs 66 years ago, as a ‘vehicle’  for the Malays to oppose the MALAYAN UNION, which would have robbed them of their TRADITIONAL RIGHTS as the original inhabitants and rulers of Tanah Melayu. The MALAYAN UNION was imposed by the then British Administration shortly after the Bristish re-occupied Tanah Melayu following the Japanese surrender. Bitter opposition by the Malays, united under UMNO, forced the British to rescind the Malayan Union, to be  replaced by PERSEKUTUAN TANAH MELAYU, in English the Federation of Malaya in 1948.

Under the Federation of Malaya Agreement agreed upon between the British and UMNO/Raja-Raja Melayu, Persekutuan Tanah Melayu was established as a TRANSITIONAL GOVERNMENT on the road to full independence from the British administration.  Along the road, UMNO formed the Alliance Party with the Malayan Chinese Association(MCA), which at later stage accepted the Malayan Indian Congress(MIC) as its third partner. Persekutuan Tanah Melayu gained the full independence from the British in 1957.

The success of UMNO-led Alliance Party in administering the independent Persekutuan Tanah Melayu, despite the EMERGENCY YEARS(1948-1960) due to armed insurgency by the Malayan Communist Party(MCP),  had led to the formation of Malaysia, by a process of merger of eleven states in Persekutuan Tanah Melayu with British colonies of Singapore , Sabah and Sarawak in 1963. However, Singapore was expelled from Malaysia two years later.

After the emergency, Malaya, and later Malaysia, enjoyed decades of peace, stability and ever increasing prosperity, except for a brief period following the May 1969 General Election, when the opposition parties-led led ‘victory parade’ along the main streets of Kuala Lumpur was misused to shout out and display abusive, deregotary and provocative slogans against the Malays. On 13th May, on the day UMNO also held their own ‘victory parade’, the highly-charged racial sentiments went out of control, and ‘hell broke loose’ into the so-called ’13th May Tragedy’.  State of Emergency’ was declared and Parliment suspended. The country was then put under the National Action Council, the MAGERAN.

MAGERAN ruled the country until the General Election was called in 1974. The period between the 13th May Tragedy and the 1974 GE, was for the country’s leaders to reflect upon the socio-economic-political enveloping the country, which led to the worst racial riots the country had ever seen. Those ‘brain-stormings’ and ‘reflections’ resulted into the introduction of a policy which was believe would help maintain the peace and stability of the country in the long-term. The policy was called ‘New Economic Policy'(NEP) with two-pronged objectives of ERADICATING POVERTY and RESTRUCTURING THE SOCIETY.

Whilst the policy of ERADICATING POVERTY would be applied across the races, RESTRUCTURING THE SOCIETY was meant to break the then ongoing identification of races with certain economic field of activity. Children of Malay farmers should not only be confined to farming, and the children of Indian rubber estate workers should not necessarily grow up to be rubber tappers. Besides that, the policy also targeted the increase of Malays/bumiputra equity in the ‘National Wealth’ from 2.5% in 1970, to at least 30% 20 years later, in 1990.

Besides being the ‘master-mind’ behind the NEP which has proven to be one of the most effective instruments in the  SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC TRANSFORMATION of the Malays/bumiputras, UMNO and its partners in the Alliance Party also initiated the formation of a bigger coalition of political parties, the BARISAN NASIONAL(BN).  Founder members of BN included UMNO, MCA, MIC, Gerakan, PAS, PPP, and all major political parties in Sabah and Sarawak. The formation of the coalition was meant to reduce ‘politickings’ among the parties, which would allow more time for leaders of the parties to focus on socio-economic development of the society, including the implementation of the NEP. The only notable opposition party which did not join the coalition was the DAP.

Since then, UMNO had undergone various tests and tribulations ‘visiting’ the party and the country. We can only be full of praise and admiration in the wisdom in successive UMNO leaders in managing all those tests and tribulations. So much so, UMNO through the Alliance Party, and later the BN, have won all General Elections in the country, from the first in 1954 to the 12th in 2008. Now, UMNO is under the Presidency of DS Mohd Najib Tun Abdul Razak, the 6th Prime Minister of Malaysia. Under his premiership, Malaysia has reached NEW HEIGHTS internationally. Malaysia is now one of the TOP 20 BIGGEST TRADING NATIONS in the world, and the Petronas Twin-Towers, the most imposing structures punctuating the skyline of Kuala Lumpur, the Malaysian capital city, used to be the tallest building in the world in for nearly a decade from the mid-1990s…and still the TALLEST TWIN TOWERS IN THE WORLD until today.

Congratulation to United Malays National Organisation(UMNO), for their role in SHAPING THE HISTORY of  Persekutuan Tanah Melayu and Malaysia, PROTECTING THE RIGHTS OF MALAYS/BUMIPUTRAS AND ALL MALAYSIANS and ENSURING PEACE, STABILITY AND PROSPERITY for all Malaysians to enjoy, live on and inherit to their  future generations.

Again, congratulation to UMNO on their GLORIOUS BIRTHDAY.

Between Foresightedness and Threats

October 26, 2010

In his LANDMARK SPEECH at the just concluded UMNO General Assembly, Najib, the UMNO President and the country’s Prime Minister, among other things did touch on certain ‘bad human natural instincts’  which had led to HORRIFIC and HORRENDOUS episods in world history like the holocaust in Germany, ethnic cleansing in Bosnia, and such HUMAN TRAGEDIES.

Certain opposition leaders, including Chen Man Hin, the DAP veteran, were fast in interprating Najib’s apeech as VEILED THREATS to non-Malays – threats that if powers are taken away from UMNO and the Malays, the non-Malays would suffer such HORRENDOUS ACTS too.

The way I see it, opposition leaders are only interested to undermine the TREMENDOUS ADMIRATIONS shown by UMNO delegates and the Malays at large to the POLITE, HONEST but FIRM speech by Najib, to put a stop to the ‘ever rising temperature’ race-related debates dominating our political stage.

Najib was VERY HONEST to state that, should every generation of Malaysians be embroiled  into debates with regards to  what the country’s forefathers had agreed as the FOUNDATIONS of our independent nation,  then the ‘bad natural instincts’ from both sides of the divide may lead the country along the path of  CARNAGE AND DESTRUCTION.

Najib’s intent was obviously to invite all Malaysians to avoid such EVENTUALITY based on his FORESIGHTEDNESS. It was not meant to be THREATS as manipulated by TRUE RACISTS like Chen Man Hin.

Social Contract WAS A Written Contract

October 23, 2010

After the ENLIGHTENMENT by Najib on the issues of MALAY RIGHTS, including the SOCIAL CONTRACT, I would expect certain PETUALANG BANGSA, ‘FAKE MALAYS’ and the IMMIGRANT-FOREFATHERED MALAYSIANS would be struggling to twist themselves out of the TRUTH OF THE MATTER.

I suspected Raja Petra Kamaruddin(RPK) would write something. Afterall, he is the only one who would LOSE NOTHING, after he has lost EVERYTHING. Those who become TRAITORS to their own race have actually lost their HONOUR AND DIGNITY. They are the LIVING DEAD, and can be regarded to have  LOST EVERYTHING.

According to RPK, he is unveiling 33-page to prove certain points about the SOCIAL CONTRACT. However he started his writing thus:

“A few months ago, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said that the Social Contract does exist. However, it is not a written Contract. It is a verbal Contract, said Dr Mahathir…..Do you know what lawyers have to say about verbal contracts? A verbal contract is not worth the paper it is written on.”

We do not in what context Tun Mahathir could have said that. To my mind, what Tun Mahathir could have meant that there is NO WRITTEN DOCUMENT entitled ‘Social Contract’, ‘National Social Contract’ etc. Indeed, there is NO SUCH DOCUMENT. But does that necessarily mean that there is no written Social Contract?

Only yesterday, Najib, the UMNO President and the country’s Prime Minister, while officiating this years UMNO General Assembly in PWTC, openly stated that the terms of the SOCIAL CONTRACT has been ‘soldered’ permanently in the Federal Constitution.

No doubt, prior to the FINALISATION of the Federal Constitution, there were numerous correspondences among all interest parties to the INDEPENDENCE of Persekutuan Tanah Melayu, or ‘Malaya’, including recommendations by the Reid’s Commision. However, the recommendations and correspondences were NOT FINAL. The final product was the WRITTEN FEDERAL CONSTITUTION,  into which the terms of the terms SOCIAL CONTRACT were incorporated.

Najib was ABSOLUTELY CORRECT to make statement that the terms of SOCIAL CONTRACT were permanently soldered into the FEDERAL CONSTITUTION.

Najib, the DEFENDER of Malay Rights

October 21, 2010

Congratulation to Najib Tun Razak for delivering a LANDMARK SPEECH in officiating this year’s UMNO General Assembly.

Not many would dispute that it was the BEST SPEECH he has ever delivered. It may have shocked a few, but definitely RE-ASSURING to the Malays/Bumiputras.

The HIGHLIGHT of the speech was when he RE-AFFIRMED that the terms of SOCIAL CONTRACT have been ‘soldered’ in our Federal Constitutions, and certain articles related to it, including Article 153, are IRREVOCABLE, even by over two-third majority in Parliment, or even through emergency decrees.

Its time for all component parties of the BN to streamline their party stands to be consistent with the letter and spirit of the SOCIAL CONTRACT. Lets look forward, and stop looking back at what have been agreed.

Thank you Najib for putting back COMMON SENSE into the hearts and minds of the Malays and Malaysians, and putting back the country on the road of PEACE, STABILITY and PROSPERITY.


August 29, 2010

Leaders are normally SPOTTTED in times of crisis.

When the Malays and their Kings were about to be robbed of their KETUANAN MELAYU soon after the Japanese surrender, Onn Jaafar was SPOTTTED as the right leader to unite the Malays. He took the initiative to gather more than 40 Malay NGOs to fight against the British-imposed MALAYAN UNION, which culminated in the formation of United Malays National Organisation(UMNO).

Within just over 10 years after independence, the Chinese-centred opposition parties, DAP and Gerakan, demonstrated their ‘once hidden’ HATRED towards Malays when they took took to the streets of KL in ‘victory parades’ immediately after the 1969 GE. They shouted VULGARITIES, displayed PROVOCATIVE gestures, and hurled ABUSIVE remarks against Malay onlookers, for two consecutive days, before HELL BROKE LOOSE and KL engulfed in FLAMES for weeks.

Under such testing circumstances, a new Malay ‘saviour’ emerged, Tun Abdul Razak. Within a few years, normality was restored, and the nation is back to the road towards PEACE, STABILITY and PROSPERITY, under the leadership of the newly founded BN.

2008 GE produced many surprises. The biggest surprise is the STAB IN THE BACK by Chinese and Indian voters against UMNO/BN. We can understand the feelings of Indians after being STIRRED UP by Hindraf into believing that the Indians/Hindus were being the objects of ETHNIC CLEANSING by UMNO. But, we do not really understand WHAT THE CHINESE ARE UP TO.

2008 gave birth to many Malay NGOs, including Perkasa. The Malays are back to the same 1946 and 1969 predicaments, where the role of NGOs were very crucial in shaping the the future of the country. While Najib is the PM of Malaysia, Malays are SPOTTING a new leader to speak out for their interests and RIGHTS. Obviously, the Malays are now looking up to Perkasa and its leader, IBRAHIM ALI,  to persue their aspirations, defending their RIGHTS, and fight off encroachments by others.

Najib’s First Year PHENOMENAL Success

April 4, 2010

Yesterday marked the  full ONE YEAR of Najib’s tenure as the 6th Prime Minister of Malaysia. Not many would deny that the past ONE YEAR under Najib felt like A FEW YEARS, due to so many NEW IDEAS being introduced, discussed, debated and implemented. On DAY ONE of his premiership, Najib AWAKENED the nation with the ‘1Malaysia’ concept, and a day before his tenure reached the full one year, he BOLSTERED the nation with his bold New Economic Model(NEM).

Within ONE YEAR of his tenure as the Prime Minister of our multi-racial and multi-religious Malaysia, Najib appeared to have been able to convince  OVERWHELMING MAJORITY of Malaysians that he has charted the  RIGHT ROAD-MAP towards re-inventing GENUINE UNITY, and transforming TOLERANCE to MUTUAL ACCEPTANCE among all Malaysians, despite the diversity of races, cultures, languages, religions and ideoligies.

Until a few years back, UNITY was taken for granted in Malaysia. And, UNITY has led the nation to phenomenal PROGRESS and PROSPERITY. Malaysia has become one of TOP 20 nations in the world, and HOME to the tallest twin-towers on earth. However, not many among the younger generation of Malaysians realized that UNITY was a product of forward-looking POLICIES provided for in the Federal Constitution, the CORNERSTONES of the foundations of our nation.

However, since a few years back, the FOUNDATIONS of our nation were subjected to SERIOUS KNOCKINGS, by certain desperate politicians only interested in their own survival. Hence the urgent need to RE-INVENT the UNITY, which was part and parcel of our everyday life before. And, Najib is attempting to go beyond UNITY based on MUTUAL TOLERANCE, but UNITY based on MUTUAL ACCEPTANCE.

Latest polls, including by MERDEKA CENTRE, do reflect the fact that Najib has managed to win the heart and minds of the rakyat. According to MERDEKA CENTRE poll, approval rating for Najib has increased from 44% when he first took over from Pak Lah, to over 70% a year later.

WARISAN TANAH MELAYU KITA would like to take this opportunity to CONGRATULATE Najib for his SINCERITY and COMMITMENT in fulfilling the mandate and trust given by the rakyat.

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