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All With Scandals or Alleged Acandals Have To Resign, EXCEPT ANWAR.

April 19, 2012

I suffer a bad habit of visiting Malaysia Today blog, occassionally, to look for SENSASIONAL NEWS.  Until quite recently, all such news were meant to undermine BN/UMNO leaders. However, lately, opposition Pakatan leaders were not spared, following the FALL OUT between the owner of Malaysia Today, Raja Petra Kamaruddin(RPK), and the POLITICAL HORSE he betted on, Anwar Ibrahim. Since the FALL OUT, RPK  has been trying to maintain his POLITICAL RELEVANCE by portraying himself as the CHAMPION of anti-curruption, anti-misuse of power, anti-cronism etc. Hence his exposures against politicians of both political divide.

Today, early hours of Thursday, I came across an ALLEGED scandal linked to a senior Minister, and one of top UMNO leaders.  The disclosure of the ALLEGED SCANDAL goes as follows:

(Malaysian Digest) – The driver of Zahida Rafik has exposed a scandal allegedly involving the actress and Rural and Regional Development Minister Datuk Seri Shafie Apdal through a police report he had lodged on March 13, reported Keadilan Daily.

The police report claimed that Shafie had paid Zahida up to RM1.5 million in four months of their “intimate relationship” that has spanned three years.

The police report was lodged by one Noor Azman Azemi, 38, on March 13 at the Ampang police station.

He said he had lodged the report following an accusation by the actress on March 3 that he had absconded with RM200,000……….

Following the disclosure of the ALLEGED SCANDAL, pro-opposition bloggers waste no time in calling for his head, comparing the ALLEGED SCANDAL to that of DS Dr Chua Soi Lek, the President of MCA, and even comparing it to the resignation of DS Shahrizat Abdul Jalil over the National Feedlot disclosures.

By and large, the opposition has been DOUBLE STANDARD, to say the least. To them, all politicians, particularly from BN?UMNO, should immediately resign, once they are INVOLVED or even ALLEGEDLY INVOLVED in certain scandals. However, Pakatan leaders are not subjected to such HIGH STANDARD requirements, especially their CHINA-DOLL FUCKER leader Anwar Ibrahim.



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