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Chinese Only Enjoy Freedom of Expression in Malaysia, NOT in Their Motherland

September 2, 2012

Today, the Mingguan Malaysia front-paged two photos of a CHINESE-LOOKING ELDERLY LADY(to be read as  WHORE) and a CHINESE-LOOKING YOUNG GIRL(to be read as CHINA-DOLL) ‘showing their guts’ by stepping on the photo of DS Najib, the country’s Prime Minister, the  Chairman of the ruling Barisan Nasional(BN), and the President of United Malays National Organisation(UMNO), the largest Malay-based party, during the ‘Janji Bersih Rally’ at Dataran Merdeka shortly before mid-night on the 55th Merdeka Day eve.

The first thought that triggered my mind was, what would happen if the following day, a group Malay youths started to urinate onto the photos of non-Malay leaders like Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng and Karpal Singh….and get it videoed and posted all over the blogs? My mind could not stop wondering if such incidences were the sparks that triggered tragic incidences like the 13th May 1969 racial riots. Is that what certain section of our society looking for…turning a country which was listed as TOP 20 LARGEST TRADING NATION ON EARTH, where the multi-racial society had been enjoying at least 50 years of PEACE, STABILITY and PROSPERITY, into Somalia-like, Syria-like, Iraq-like and Afghanistan-like COMBAT ZONES????

The fact that DS Najib is the President of the LARGEST Malay-based political party in the country, its not difficult to interprete that such despicable acts were not directed towards DS Najibs in his personal capacity, but it was infact directed towards the United Malays National Organisation(UMNO) and even the MALAYS AS A WHOLE. Stepping on DS Najib’s photo simply symbolised STEPPING ON THE FACES OF ALL MALAYS, or at least the MAJORITY OF MALAYS. It simply showed DEEP HATRED harboured in the hearts and minds of certain section of Malaysian Chinese against their fellow Malaysians, the Malays. The fact that overwhelming majority of Malaysian Chinese voters were with the opposition in the March 2008 General Election, its very possible that the acts by the two CHINESE IDIOTS represent the ‘honest feelings’ of the overwhelming majority of Malaysian Chinese community in the country.

Its not difficult to understand WHY the Chinese harbour so much GRUDGE and HATRED towards the Malays. I believe Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng know the answer very well, as since the inception of DAP, the Malaysian Chinese community have been bombarded with the tales that the Malaysian Chinese have been discriminated by the Malays in the country, and that all wealth and opportunities in the country were ‘robbed’ by the Malays via UMNO….and only bones were left to be shared among the Chinese. The DAP propaganda machine must have been ‘very efficient’ that they managed to instill those grudges and hatred against the Malays and UMNO, despite the fact that 80% of TOP 100 RICHEST PERSONS IN MALAYSIA ARE CHINESE. Those who really know the facts would be scratching their heads, wondering, how could a DISCRIMINATED RACE be the RICHEST in the country.

To remain relevant in Malaysian politics, pro-BN Chinese-based parties like MCA and Gerakan should not be seen to be condoning such despicable acts. Its time for them to step forward to re-educate their community of the history of this country, the SOCIAL CONTRACT among the races and other ‘foundations’ of the country as laid out by our fore-fathers. They  Chinese community should not harbour GRUDGES and HATRED against the Malays for certain policies linked to the SOCIAL CONTRACT among major races, the terms of which have become part and parcel of the Federal Constitution of Persekutuan Tanah Melayu, and later Malaysia. Like any other contracts, both parties must adhere to the terms and conditions of a contract. Instead of turning this country into WAR ZONES, those who can no longer respect the ‘Terms and Conditions’ of the SOCIAL CONTRACT should seriously consider GOING BACK to their respective motherlands, or the lands of their fore-fathers.

Meanwhile, as commented by Awang Selamat in Mingguan Malaysia today, our Kementerian Dalam Negeri should not allow such despicable acts like stepping on photos of our beloved leaders to pass by UNPUNISHED. In countries like China, such acts against Communist Party leaders would have been dealt with severely…that the offenders would be banished to other countries if they are lucky…but if they are not that lucky, they may not be able to see the day and night again.

Note: For the benefits of Bahasa Melayu only readers, a Bahasa Melayu translation of the above posting will follow soon.



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