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Its going to be Bersih 5.0 in just over a month from now. Bersih 1-4 had created havocs in the heart of KL City, despite  their organizers not complying with the Akta Perhimpunan Aman.

In each of the previous Bersih gatherings, our police appeared to have compromised the laws. The silent majority in the country have been questioning WHY there were no ‘deterrent’ actions against ‘circus animal'(using the phrase of RED SHIRT leader Dato’ Jamal) like the YELLOW SHIRT Bersih leader Maria Chin….so much so, she seems to be ‘addicted’ to organise Bersih gatherings again and again…to great discomfort to the silent majority.

Its absolutely ridiculous for Bersih to dupe innocent people, including the old folks, to the streets to create a public perception that our General Elections have not been fair…when the opposition DAP had swept almost all Chinese-majority seats all over the country!!!

When our PDRM appears toothless and helpless in stopping the lawlessness of Marina Chin and her gang of ‘circus animals’, the silent majority are quietly supportive of ‘vigilante’ group THE RED SHIRTS led by Dato’ Jamal.

In fact, the rakyat are expecting our PDRM to be doing what the RED SHIRTS are forced to do now….to keep our streets free from these lawless DEMO ADDICTS.

We, the silent majority, look up to you Dato’ Jamal and your team of ‘vigilante’ RED SHIRTS. Hopefully our PDRM will be more firm in executing their entrusted role to keep the public order….so that you and your friends can go back for good rest at home.



Jeff Ooi – Let there be peace?

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Whenever people offer condolences relating to the passing away of a soul, the most common phrase used is ‘Rest in peace'(RIP).

What was in the RUSTY mind of Jeff Ooi when he changed the phrase to ‘let there be peace’?

The most PROVOCATIVE phrase is not the term ‘adios’, but the phrase ‘let there be peace’.

Jeff Ooi is very good in his understanding of English. He knows perfectly well that when the phrase ‘let there be peace’ is used in a wish of condo lence to a dead person, it means without the dead person, the world he leaves behind will be in peace.

In other words, Jeff Ooi is implying that Datuk Dr Harun Din had been a cause of disunity, anarchy, chaos and even conflict in the country.

Do not try to hide behind your fingers BRAINLESS Jeff Ooi!!

BERSATU Will Be Shortlived…

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DAP ‘zomby’ de facto leader, Lim Kit Siang(LKS) has something to please himself last few days…the thought  that Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia(Bersatu), creation of Tun Dr Mahathir, will be a game-changer in the coming 14th GE..and may be able to stop Selangor and Penang from falling back to UMNO/BN.

Despite what appears to be his well-researched analysis and forecasts, LKS has been EXTREMELY SHALLOW in his understanding of the MALAYS MIND.

It was his OVER-ESTIMATION of the influence of ‘Erdogan’ grouping within PAS which had led LKS/DAP to gamble on Mat Sabu & comrades….and suffered GREAT LOSS politically.

LKS is going for another BLOODY NOSE if he ever hope that Tun Dr Mahathir’s party will have any significant impact on the Malays.

LKS, take my words that parti BERSATU will be shortlived…

FFM – Creating Best Bahasa Melayu Film Catagory a Good Compromise

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Its a good compromise to create a Bahasa Melayu Best Film catagory, while the Best Film Award is open to all.

Unless our brain has stopped working, its not difficult to understand the spirit of such decision.

A film may be nominated as the Best Bahasa Melayu film….but that does not stop the same film to be nominated for the BEST FILM AWARD.

But, should the best among the Bahasa Melayu films fails to capture the BEST FILM AWARD, the best among the Bahasa Melayu film can still go home with the Best Bahasa Melayu film award.

I do not see this as an ‘insult’ to Bahasa Melayu films…as certain confused people think. In fact, its a clear indication that the Government is taking good care of Bahasa Melayu film industry.


Malaysian Film Festival – Patriotism vs Racism

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Contraversies surrounding the coming Malaysian Film Festival(FFM) bring into question the meaning of ‘patriotism’ and ‘racism’.

For some, its of paramount important for our film producers to share the spirit of nation building, including giving due recognition of our national language, Bahasa Malaysia.

To others, whats so significant about a language..

Others go to the extend of accusing the organisers of promoting ‘racism’.

I really wonder whether our society really understand the meaning of terms like ‘patriotism’ and ‘racism’.

MARA Set Up By Taxpayer’s Money?

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We have to acknowledge that the Deputy CM 2 of Penang, P Ramasamy, is one of the more prolific writers among leaders if the opposition.

Earlier today, he raised several issues related to the Asian Institute of Medical, Science and Technology University(AIMST). However, this is not the subject of my discussion today.

However, while discussing AIMST, P Ramasamy touched a point which was a subject of my writing less than a week ago, which argued that there is no such thing as ‘Taxpayers money’.

In his writing, P Ramasamy implied that MARA was set up and financed by taxpayers’ money.

By now, P Ramasamy should know that there is no such thing as ‘Taxpayers money’ as all monies paid to the Government in the form of taxes are GOVERNMENT’S MONEY…not Taxpayers money.

P Ramasamy must put into his thick head that MARA was set up using GOVERNMENT’S MONEY. And Government has duties to be fulfilled towards the Malays/Bumiputras, as allowed for in the Federal Constitution.

The Myth of ‘Taxpayers Money’

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We keep on coming across the term ‘Taxpayers Money’ being used to whenever subject of Government spendings being discussed or debated, be it  1MDB, other GLC’s, Tabung Haji, BRIM…and even any other Government spending.

Is it really true that Goverment had ever spent ‘Taxpayers Money’?

We pay all sorts of taxes to the Government, be it personal income tax, corporate tax, GST, import duties and so on and so forth.

The question is, are we paying various taxes to the Government because we are so charitable and generous? And do we regard the taxes we pay as our voluntry donation or contribution to the Government?

Surely not.

In fact, we are paying those taxes because there are laws of the country which require us to pay those taxes…which can be enforced upon us if we decide to default the payments.

In simple term, whatever money we earn and become taxable, whatever profit we make in business and become taxable, the amount we have to pay as taxes to the Government will become GOVERNMENT’S MONEY based on certain laws of the country.

Yet we keep on coming across the term ‘Taxpayers Money’ being used too often…as if the Government is acting like a bank….keeping the money belonging taxpayers as ‘deposits’…and as if the taxpayers may withdraw the money paid up as taxes at any time they like.

Let us for once no longer regard the money already paid to the Government in form of taxes as TAXPAYERS MONEY. The already paid up taxes money now belong to the Government. Its no longer TAXPAYERS MONEY….cos it has become GOVERNMENT’S MONEY.


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