UMNO dan PAS Punya Matlamat Yang Sama

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Dari awal penubuhan United Malays National Organisation(UMNO) pada 1946, dan Parti Islam SeMalaysia(PAS) pada tahun 1951, kedua-dua parti berjuang untuk memerdekakan Tanah Melayu, serta memartabatkan Bangsa Melayu dan Agama Islam.

Malah, PAS adalah parti serpihan dari UMNO. Ini berlaku apabila Presiden UMNO pertama, Datuk Onn Jaafar, meninggalkan UMNO untuk menubuhkan sebuah parti multi-racial, Independance of Malaya Party(IMP). Langkah Datuk Onn Jaafar ini telah diikuti oleh Pengerusi Biro Agama UMNO iaitu Hj Mohd Fuad. Hj Mohd Fuad menjadi Presiden pertama PAS.

Di dalam percubaan untuk menarik sokongan pengundi Melayu dari UMNO, PAS telah mengambil beberapa pendekatan ‘populis’. Sebelum 1978, PAS telah menfatwakan bahawa adalah HARAM bagi UMNO untuk bekerjasama dengan parti-parti bukan Islam seperti MCA dan MIC. Mulai 1978 pula, PAS mula memperjuangkan perlaksanaan hukum HUDUD, dan menuduh UMNO menentang HUDUD.

Perkembangan politik pasca 1987 menunjukkan bahawa PAS telah mula mengadakan kerjasama dengan parti politik bukan Islam, sesuatu yg PAS telah haramkan sebelumnya. Dan sejak 2008, PAS telah mengenepikan perjuangan menegakkan Negara Islam dan melaksanakan hukuman HUDUD, dan digantikan dengan ‘Negara Kebajikan’.

Berdasarkan perkembangan politik mutakhir, PAS telah mengambil keputusan untuk memutuskan kerjasama politik ‘tahalluf siyasi’ dengan PKR, 2 tahun selepas PAS memutuskan kerjasama dengan satu lagi bekas rakan dalam Pakatan Rakyat(PR), DAP.

Setelah melalui liku-liku perjuangan, sekarang amat ketara bahawa tidak ada lagi sebarang perbezaan di antara PAS dan UMNO. Kedua-duanya bermatlamatkan mempertahankan kuasa politik Melayu-Islam demi memartabatkan Bangsa Melayu dan Agama Islam.

Sekiranya kedua-dua parti dokongan umat Melayu-Islam ini sudah mulai fokus kepada matlamat-matlamat perjuangan yang sama, adalah tidak mustahil untuk kedua-dua parti ini menjalin kerjasama politik, suatu senario yang telah lama ditunggu-tunggu oleh majoriti umat Melayu.

PAS Should Quit Selangor State Government

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On the same day UMNO were celebrating its 71st ‘birthday’, PAS made a landmark decision to sever its remaining political ties with PKR.

Most political observers believe that the decision should immediately be followed by PAS 3 EXCO members in the Selangor State government to relinquish their posts and all PAS 13 state assemblymen to declare themselves opposition in the Dewan Undangan Negeri Selangor.

However, PAS appeared to have decided to let their 3 EXCOs to stay put, on the basis that the voters had given them the mandate to rule Selangor in the PRU13, they might as well stay put until the next election.

On top of that, PAS is against any possibility of allowing the 2 Amanah state assemblymen to take fill in any vacuum left by PAS.

However, PAS should realize that the mandate given to what was call Pakatan Rakyat in PRU13 was when PAS, PKR and DAP were in a ‘pakatan’. And together they hold 42 seats out of 56 seats in the Selangor DUN.

However, yesterday’s decision by the Majlis Syura Ulama PAS has changed the whole political landscape of Selangor. Ideologically, PKR(13 seats) only share common aspirations as DAP(14 seats) and Amanah(2 seats won under PAS). Together they hold 29 seats, just a 2-seat majority.

If PAS’s EXCO members stay put, they will actually be ‘propping up’ a government made up of PKR and the anti-Islam DAP. While, if PAS’s EXCOs quit, there is a likelihood that the government helmed by anti-Islam DAP will start to crumble within weeks…if not days.

As a party who views their principles and Islamic aspirations as more important than POWER itself, PAS should not be seen sitting down with DAP and PKR in the Selangor Government a day longer.

Instead, PAS should engineer the fall of DAP, and its staunchest ally PKR in Selangor.


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Today, 11th Mei 2017 is a historic day for United Malays National Organisation(UMNO). Today is the 71st anniversary of the birth of the party.

Not all Malaysians support UMNO. Even, not all Malays support UMNO.

However, deep in their sincere heart, all Malays will admit the ‘fatherly’ role of UMNO in protecting the Malays and transforming them into highly competitive and dignified race.

Congratulation UMNO. Malays regard you as their caring father, whom they will fight for in return, against its adversaries.

Congratulation on your 71st birthday.


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Its going to be Bersih 5.0 in just over a month from now. Bersih 1-4 had created havocs in the heart of KL City, despite  their organizers not complying with the Akta Perhimpunan Aman.

In each of the previous Bersih gatherings, our police appeared to have compromised the laws. The silent majority in the country have been questioning WHY there were no ‘deterrent’ actions against ‘circus animal'(using the phrase of RED SHIRT leader Dato’ Jamal) like the YELLOW SHIRT Bersih leader Maria Chin….so much so, she seems to be ‘addicted’ to organise Bersih gatherings again and again…to great discomfort to the silent majority.

Its absolutely ridiculous for Bersih to dupe innocent people, including the old folks, to the streets to create a public perception that our General Elections have not been fair…when the opposition DAP had swept almost all Chinese-majority seats all over the country!!!

When our PDRM appears toothless and helpless in stopping the lawlessness of Marina Chin and her gang of ‘circus animals’, the silent majority are quietly supportive of ‘vigilante’ group THE RED SHIRTS led by Dato’ Jamal.

In fact, the rakyat are expecting our PDRM to be doing what the RED SHIRTS are forced to do now….to keep our streets free from these lawless DEMO ADDICTS.

We, the silent majority, look up to you Dato’ Jamal and your team of ‘vigilante’ RED SHIRTS. Hopefully our PDRM will be more firm in executing their entrusted role to keep the public order….so that you and your friends can go back for good rest at home.



Jeff Ooi – Let there be peace?

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Whenever people offer condolences relating to the passing away of a soul, the most common phrase used is ‘Rest in peace'(RIP).

What was in the RUSTY mind of Jeff Ooi when he changed the phrase to ‘let there be peace’?

The most PROVOCATIVE phrase is not the term ‘adios’, but the phrase ‘let there be peace’.

Jeff Ooi is very good in his understanding of English. He knows perfectly well that when the phrase ‘let there be peace’ is used in a wish of condo lence to a dead person, it means without the dead person, the world he leaves behind will be in peace.

In other words, Jeff Ooi is implying that Datuk Dr Harun Din had been a cause of disunity, anarchy, chaos and even conflict in the country.

Do not try to hide behind your fingers BRAINLESS Jeff Ooi!!

BERSATU Will Be Shortlived…

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DAP ‘zomby’ de facto leader, Lim Kit Siang(LKS) has something to please himself last few days…the thought  that Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia(Bersatu), creation of Tun Dr Mahathir, will be a game-changer in the coming 14th GE..and may be able to stop Selangor and Penang from falling back to UMNO/BN.

Despite what appears to be his well-researched analysis and forecasts, LKS has been EXTREMELY SHALLOW in his understanding of the MALAYS MIND.

It was his OVER-ESTIMATION of the influence of ‘Erdogan’ grouping within PAS which had led LKS/DAP to gamble on Mat Sabu & comrades….and suffered GREAT LOSS politically.

LKS is going for another BLOODY NOSE if he ever hope that Tun Dr Mahathir’s party will have any significant impact on the Malays.

LKS, take my words that parti BERSATU will be shortlived…

FFM – Creating Best Bahasa Melayu Film Catagory a Good Compromise

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Its a good compromise to create a Bahasa Melayu Best Film catagory, while the Best Film Award is open to all.

Unless our brain has stopped working, its not difficult to understand the spirit of such decision.

A film may be nominated as the Best Bahasa Melayu film….but that does not stop the same film to be nominated for the BEST FILM AWARD.

But, should the best among the Bahasa Melayu films fails to capture the BEST FILM AWARD, the best among the Bahasa Melayu film can still go home with the Best Bahasa Melayu film award.

I do not see this as an ‘insult’ to Bahasa Melayu films…as certain confused people think. In fact, its a clear indication that the Government is taking good care of Bahasa Melayu film industry.


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