MARA Should Be Transformed Into Ministry of Malays Entrepreneurial Development

Posted August 13, 2015 by warisan tmk
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To start with, I would like to congratulate TS Anuar Musa, the Member of Parliment for Ketereh, Kelantan, for being re-appointed as the Chairman of Majlis Amanah Rakyat(MARA).

MARA is perhaps the Government agency which is closest to the heart and mind of the Malays. Most Malay households are expected to have certain ‘dealings’ with MARA in a way or another. MARA has benefited hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of Malays.

MARA is a new name for Rural Industrial Development Authority(RIDA). RIDA was set up by the Government of Persekutuan Tanah Melayu, then under the British rule in early 1950s to provide entrepreneurial development training and financial assistance, specifically to the Malays who were mainly rural-based.

After the independence of Persekutuan Tanah Melayu in 1957 and the formation of Malaysia in 1963, the name of RIDA was changed to Majlis Amanah Rakyat(MARA). ‘Rakyat’ is the Bahasa Malaysia term for ‘citizens’. So, the phrase ‘Majlis Amanah Rakyat’ can be translated into English as ‘Citizens Trust Council’. For a multi-racial country like Malaysia,’citizens’ can mean citizens of all races and ethnic groupings in Malaysia.

Old RIDA was set up at a time when the British were persuading the Malay leaders, in particular UMNO, to agree to offer citizenship to over a million immigrants(then) from China and India who immigrated to the ‘Lands of the Malays’ Tanah Melayu during the British ‘protectorate’ rule, in search of peaceful existence and jobs opportunities. There was general fear among the Malays that they would be overwhelmed economically by the would be new citizens…worse still, politically. To alley such fears, the British set up RIDA, to assist the Malays to become entrepreneurs too.

Since then, and the time of name change to MARA after the country’s independence, MARA had progressed leaps and bounds…until it has become one of THE MOST IMPORTANT INSTITUTIONS acting as ‘umbrella’ for the Malays.

For what MARA has achieved and become, MARA can easily be transformed into a ministry, the MINISTRY OF MALAYS ENTREPRENEURIAL DEVELOPMENT.

Mat Sabu, Temporary Leader of Gerakan Harapan Baru(GHB)

Posted August 11, 2015 by warisan tmk
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Former deputy president of PAS, Mat Sabu, lost badly in the contest to defend his deputy president post recently. So were his other comrades(term commonly used among communist insurgents during the country’s emergency days)…from the so-called ‘progressive’ camp….which I prefer to call ‘liberals’.

Mat Sabu and his comrades were not good losers. Less than 100 days after their crushing defeat in the party election earlier this year, Mat Sabu & comrades had envisaged setting up a new party… be alternative to PAS in a new PAKATAN RAKYAT 2.0.

Mat Sabu & comrades are absolutely correct to name their grouping as Gerakan Harapan Baru(GHB)….because very very likely, the new grouping will only offer HOPE, or HARAPAN in Bahasa Malaysia. Worse still for Mat Sabu, he will be given the honour only to lead the movement for a short while…before another more credible leader will be pushed up to take over the leadership of the new party.

Whether Mat Sabu realizes it or not…he had made GREAT MISTAKE in appointing Dr Dzulkifli Ahmad as the Setiausaha Agung(Penaja).

I will reveal in good time, how Dr Dzulkifli Ahmad and the organisation BEHIND HIM, will be the ones who will end the political career of Mat Sabu….not long after the GHB be officially registered.

Is Tuan Ibrahim an Official Voice of PAS?

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PAS went through almost COMPLETE over-haul recently.

Former deputy president of the party, Mat Sabu, together with his ‘liberal'(its misleading to describe them as ‘progressive’) comrades were all thrown out of PAS central leadership. Among notable ones wereYB Husam Musa, Salahuddin Ayub, YB Dr Hatta Ramli, Dr Dzulkifli Ahmad and YB Khalid Samad.

Mat Sabu was defeated by a candidate representing the ‘conservative’ faction, Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man, who was previously one of the party’s vice-presidents.

However, after reading his statements, one after another, many would begin to wonder whether Tuan Ibrahim was in the right team, let alone becoming the deputy president to YB TG Hj Hadi.

To start with, there is WORLD OF DIFFERENCE betweeen TG Hj Hadi and Tuan Ibrahim, in their public stands with regards to DS Najib and all the ALLEGATIONS being thrown at the UMNO President. Whilst Tuan Ibrahim from the very beginning had demanded that DS Najib to take a leave or resign while the investigations are being carried out, TG Hj Hadi was clearly against such idea…in fact TG Hj Hadi insisted that DS Najib is INNOCENT until there a four witnesses to prove him guilty of wrong-doings.

Whilst statements by Hj Hadi were generally seen as ‘supportive’ of DS Najib….to the ‘fury’ of Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng(hereafter to be called ‘Lims Father and Son’), statements from Tuan Ibrahim were ‘musics’ to the ears of the Lims.

This leads me into questioning whether the NOISES and VOICES of Tuan Ibrahim can be taken seriously as the voice of PAS.

Is There Anything Wrong With 1MDB?

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Its startling to see how the rakyat were dragged into believing that 1MDB is a problematic company.

But, if you are the common people…whats exactly wrong about 1MDB…not many really know how to answer.

The only thing most people seem to be quite aware is that, 1MDB has HUGE DEBTS, around 42 billion ringgit.

But if you ask them, is it wrong to have HUGE DEBT? Their answer would be ‘Yes..its wrong’.

For those who answer such question ‘yes’, let them know that among the nations on our planet Earth, the country with BIGGEST DEBT is the USA, at USD15trillion. Mind you, 1 trillion = 1,000 billion. And the SECOND BIGGEST is Japan with USD13.5 billion debt.

Its interesting to note that our southern neighbour, Singapore, are among TOP TEN country in the world with the HUGE DEBT.

Does it then mean that countries like the USA, Japan and Singapore are in BAD SHAPE for having HUGE DEBTS, and they are among the TOP TEN in the world? The answer is definate NO.

In fact, the USA and Japan are the two riches countries on earth.

Then, how can we ‘bedevil’ 1MDB on the basis of having 42 billion ringgit debt, without really knowing how much assets the company have in order to secure those loans.

PAS – Welcome Back To The Right Path

Posted June 14, 2015 by warisan tmk
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PAS stands for Parti Islam Se-Malaysia. It was founded by ‘ulama group’ within UMNO, whose leader, late Hj Mohd Fuad, was a close political ally of late Datuk Onn Jaafar, the founder of UMNO. When late Datuk Onn Jaafar was no longer accepted as leader of UMNO, he formed a new party, Independence Malaya Party(IMP). Late Hj Mohd Fuad decided to join late Datuk Onn Jaafar, and ‘hijacked’ the ‘ulama group’ of UMNO, to form Persatuan Islam Se-Malaya(PAS), which was later on changed to Parti Islam Se-Malaya(PAS).

Not surprising that, in both letter and spirit, early PAS was very much like UMNO. Early PAS fought for the Malays and Islam, besides seeking independence of Persekutuan Tanah Melayu from the British. Infact, early PAS was very Malay-centred, so much so, PAS then did not accept any ‘tahalluf siasiyy’ with non-Malay parties. PAS then labelled UMNO as ‘kafir’ or ‘infidel’ for working together with MCA and MIC.

However, in the aftermath of racial riot  13th May Tragedy’ in 1969, PAS decided to form ‘Kerajaan Campuran’ with UMNO, and then became joint founders of Barisan Nasional(BN).

Unfortunately, the move to form the BN by PAS who was led by late TS Datuk Mohd Asri was not received well by significant section of PAS rank-and-file. ‘Young Turks’ within PAS staged a ‘revolution’ in 1976, which ousted late TS Datuk Mohd Asri. Since then, PAS was transformed into what was seen as full-pledge ISLAMIC PARTY, led by the ULAMA, with the aspirations to establish an ISLAMIC STATE in Malaysia, including the implementation of the HUDUD.

PAS’s transformation took place at a time when the whole Islamic world were under some kind of ‘Islamic re-surgence’. Young people all over the world are turning back to Islam, including Malay students who were sent by the Malaysian government overseas. Overseas, including England, Australia and Egypt were known ‘breeding ground’ for potential supporters of Islamic Movements. PAS’s new aspirations attracted such group of students and graduates.

Despite their newly found IDEOLOGICAL STRENGTH, and rich pool of dedicated supporters, PAS’s aspirations were some how ‘diverted’ by their active involment in supporting the sacked former deputy PM, Anwar Ibrahim. Since the General Election in 1999, PAS had plunged themselves into working together with the ‘secularist’ DAP and ‘Anwarist’ PKR, out of their common obsesssion to bring down UMNO/BN government.

Since then, PAS was seen to have departed from their ISLAMIC STATE and HUDUD aspirations. Worst still, PAS was seen to be prepared to compromise into certain fundamental issues in Islam. Certain PAS leaders were seen becoming very liberal…including their initial stand to allow the Christians to use the word ALLAH.

However, on 4th June 2015, barely over a week ago, the LIBERAL elements within ranks-and-file’ of PAS were completely washed out in the ‘D-Day’ PAS Muktamar.

PAS, welcome back to the RIGHT PATH.

Vote for PKR In Permatang Pauh Means Vote for Sodomy

Posted May 5, 2015 by warisan tmk
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Over 70,000 voters in Permatang Pauh will be voting on 7th May, to elect a new MP for the PKR stronghold constituency.

The bye-election was subsequent to its former member of parliment, DS Anwar Ibrahim, lost his right as a member of parliment, after being sentenced to 5-year imprisonment for SODOMY.

Sodomy is a criminal offence in our laws. And in Islam, to be homosexual, let alone sodomy, is a very serious offence, and the offender will be labelled as morally unfit to be a leader.

By right, Permatang Pauh voters should teach PKR a lesson, not to project a homosexual as their candidate for member of parliment. To show their dislike of homosexual behaviour, and worse still sodomy, they should not vote for Dr Wan Azizah, the wife of DS Anwar Ibrahim.

Its not excessive to say that, a vote for Wan Azizah is a vote for homosexuality and sodomy.

MYTH of PR Winning 52% Popular Vote in PRU13 May 5th 2014

Posted May 4, 2015 by warisan tmk
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There’s not much for opposition PR parties(PKR, DAP and PAS) to cheer about…especially of late…when they are on the verge of a MAJOR break up. Most political observers and analysts have long predicted this. The question was only WHEN?

Under such depressing state of affairs, its not surprising that leaders of PKR and DAP are ‘re-playing’ their claims of ‘victory’ in PRU13…for getting 52% of popular vote.

Was it true…or just a self-pleasing ‘illegitimate'(to be read ‘fucking’) MYTH.

Why such claims are MYTH(in Malay, DONGENG)?

First and foremost, the three PR parties did not contest under a COMMON MANIFESTO, and not even under a COMMON BANNER.

PAS contested mainly in constituencies with over 70% Malay voters…preaching their struggle to establish ISLAMIC STATE in Malaysia, including the implementation of syariah-based criminal laws HUDUD. Out of the nearly 100 seats with Malay voters making up over 70% of the electorate, where PAS squared off one-to-one with UMNO, PAS managed to win 20% of such seats.

DAP contested mainly in constituencies with over 60% Chinese voters, and campaigned on issues which can be grouped as ‘anti-Malay/Bumiputra’, ‘anti-Hudud’, and such like. The result…DAP won over 90% of such seats.

PKR contested the most number of parlimentary seats, mainly in constituencies with mixed voters, somethings like 40% Malays, 40% Chinese and 20% Indians. PKR touched on mainly different sets of issues.

Indeed the three opposition parties may have got 52% votes in total…but whats the significance of that when the parties campaigned on 3 different set of issues, to suit their 3 different mix of voters.

The question is, had the three parties contested using COMMON MANIFESTO(which may have Hudud in it) and COMMON FLAG/BANNER, would they achieve the same 52% votes? The answer is a CLEAR NO. In fact they would never agree on a COMMON MANIFESTO and FLAG/BANNER.

To have any legitimacy in their popular vote claims, PR parties should first organize themselves to come out with a COMMON MANIFESTO which is distributed throughout the country…in all constituencies. And using a COMMON FLAG/BANNER.

Unless and until the PR parties can achieve that, whatever their claims about popular votes will remain a MYTH….only good for PR leaders to perform ‘political masturbation’ upon themselves.


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